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But.. what about our raid schedule?

I read a little about the new Dungeon System in 3.3. No more Daily Heroics… just Daily Dungeons. If we do these dailies as a guild, looks like we will be raiding seven days/week!  It’s like “Woot” and “Oh-my-gosh” all at the same time!  Look at today’s blue post about it…

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Five Healing ToGC and Priestly 4-sets

So, last night we were stuck on Northrend Beasts… again! But we almost killed Icehowl with just five healers… FIVE HEALERS! Some of the officers didn’t think it would be possible to five heal it, but I suggested we get another dps since one of our heals couldn’t stay connected. I told them, “We may surprise you.. then again we may not.” Continue reading