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OMG.. Patch?

Did I miss something?

I mean.. I’ve been really busy working on my resume tape, so the patch came and went without much fanfare for me.  Which is odd in itself..

But wasn’t there supposed to be like a change in Tier-10 for us?  I don’t know.  Oh!  Oh, wait.. there it is buried in everything else.

Priest Tier-10 4-Piece Healing Set Bonus: Redesigned. This bonus now increases the effectiveness of the caster’s Power Word: Shield by 5% and Circle of Healing by 10%.

Okay, then, I will eventually have to take a break from RL and find out how it works.  LOL.  I haven’t transmuted in days!

I’ve made about 10 versions of my resume tape in the last week.  Thank goodness for non-linear editing!  Tape-to-tape would make it a total  labor of hate.  Anyhoo- that’s where I’ve been hiding the last few days.  I guess I need to step back into WoW for some fun! 

Nice to know those frozen orb ninjas can’t ninja anymore.  I should make a list of all the people I have stalked after they showed their arse by needing an orb.  I have a few level 1’s who were made expressly for that purpose.  It takes a real sonofab!tch to wait until everyone greeds to need.  And it takes a real b!tch to stalk them and tell them what jerks they are.  Yeeeeeeeeppppppppp…

I actually look forward to trying the new bonus in a raiding situation.  I think our leet 10-man starts this week.  That will be nice.

Anxious to read what you guys think of the patch and the bonus “redesign.”  Leave a comment!

Happy Raiding!






Everybody's Talkin'…

..about our T-10 changes.  I will just pick out my fave parts from other bloggers.

Miss Medicina shares my sentiments: “For Holy priests, I think it’s utter crap”

Zusterke- who seems to be everywhere in cyberspace at once- says this: “Looking at the numbers here, I’d have to agree that it will not be an impressive upgrade.”

And Thespius took the comedic approach: “Name something fun, interesting, and awesome that gets replaced by something as mundane as a bowl of rocks?” “The Priest Tier 10 4-piece Set Bonus.”

Mind you.. I picked the comments I agreed with the most- as I am quite upset with Blizz right now.  Quite.

From good ol’ priest-loving’ Blizz  on the PTR Patch Notes for 3.3.3:

Priest Tier-10 4-Piece Healing Set Bonus: Redesigned. This bonus now increases the effectiveness of the caster’s Power Word: Shield and Renew spells by 5%.

Right now, my bonus looks like this, and I like itLOVE IT.  Some of you can call me crazy or dumb even.  I care not.  I mean, I am not a theorycrafter so whatever the numbers say- YOU will have to school me on that; however, I really enjoyed seeing when “Flash Heal!”would proc. 

I have been reading all this stuff, leaving comments in just a few places like:

I sort of like my holy bonus as is. I just started getting used to the “Flash Heal!” proc on my Power Auras- so I was really able to use it as intended; however, it will be interesting to see how this change affects healing. TBH and IMHO, the current badge version is just weak compared to other stuff you can get. I have been tinkering with other badge pieces as wel as the Sanguine Robes, and I think the other stuff has more power regardless of any bonus. I am probably wrong about this, but it’s just what I have seen. So, Blizz, thank for listening to all the crybabies.. but seriously, could we get a buff to our healing in some other way besides a bonus? I want to see some real changes there. This has been the year of the spriest! Give Holy a chance! LOL


I came to really like my holy four set bonus. The trick was knowing exactly when it proc’d. TY, Power Auras! What do I have to say to Blizz? Well, I am guessing the comment policy would not allow it. LOL Anyhoo- I think the whole renew thing is less challenging. I enjoyed getting the random proc- which sometimes proc’d three times to four times in a row- in Prof. Putricide! That would have taken at least 24 seconds without the bonus- so hey, I like the darn thing. I am still learning how to play disc, but I did notice the buff name for the reset is the same (“Flash Heal!”, yes with the exclamation point BTW). My summation? People who did not know how or who did not take time to LEARN how to work the buff have whined so much that Blizz has taken a cool buff away from those of us who figured it out. /mourn

The more I read other posts, and the more comments I drop in other places, the more upset I get.  We will see how this renew thing does for Holy Priests.. and for Disc, too.  I can’t even get used to the Disc bonus on my set before Blizz is talking about yanking it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Blizz.

Happy Raiding!




Flash Heal!

Flash Heal!

That’s the name of proc/buff for the Tier 10 four-set bonus.  I added the buff to my Powa Auras and have been pleasantly surprised by how often it procs.  Check out this World of Logs for last week’s raids.  I noticed that as I got used to using it, I was able to reset my CoH even more! By the time we got to Festergut, CoH was my top spell with 99 total hits due to the bonus resetting it 11 times.  Not bad for a 4:53 long fight, eh?

I miss abusing CoH.  You just spam, spam, spam, but those days are long gone.  At least this four-set bonus makes it available more often now.  I have had it reset three times in a row which is really cool.  Even though there are other badge pieces that may be higher on the BiS list than the basic T-10, I would suggest you guys try it out- especially for those fights where there is a lot of raid damage going on.

Professor Putricide

Our 10-man group got him down to 5% last night.


We will get back in there Friday and kill him, though!  I am confident.  Another fight where rhythm is key. 


That’s it for now.  I have a bad sinus infection that’s had me sort of down and out the last few days.  I hope to feel much better soon.  The cough syrup is magical though.

Happy Raiding!



That’s what I think of my  two-set bonus.  I am quite underwhelmed at this point.  What I need is a log.  I do recall looking over the stats for one quick wipe.  Out of 29 flash heals, the Blessed Healing buff proc’d 20 times which is cool- but it did not heal for that much.  I mean a heal is a heal and that’s good; however, I am not sure it is really enough.  I guess in this case a bonus is a bonus big or small, right?  I kind of look forward to the four set bonus, but then again I wonder if the “chance” something will happen is really worth it.  It’s also weird because there are badge items that are better than the base tier 10 that you could wear in the meantime, but the way our guild operates, unless you buy the base piece, you are out of the running for a token- which in some cases are BiS.  So, a bit of a Catch 22 here, huh?

So now I am mulling over what my bext badge purchase whould be.  Here’s a list which I have not yet ranked by priority:

So these are my options.  What to do, what to do.  I’ve read the lists people have put together and hit up the sites, too.  It’s always a matter of personal preference, but I am interested in reading your lists.  Tell me what you want to wear!  Speaking of which, WoW’s new armory rocks!  I love that my toon looks like me!  Well “in-game” me, anyway. 🙂

Happy Raiding!


I doubt I will buy [Volde’s Cloak of the Night Sky] for 50 Emblems as it does not have haste.  I think I will wait for [Greatcloak of the Turned Champion] to drop off of Saurfang.

My First T-10 Piece

Our main pally tank and the Loot Council were nice enough to gift me with the guild’s first T-10 token Monday evening.  First I had to buy Crimson Acolyte Shoulderpads and then use that plus the token to get Sanctified Crimson Acolyte Shoulderpads.  I decided to go for my two-set and then my four-set first as I aM under the impression that as new wings of ICC start to open up, the bonuses will come in handy.

At the same time, I am still working on getting Primordial Saronite so I can make my BiS boots with the pattern I purchased this week, Pattern: Sandals of Consecration.  I already have all my cloth saved up.  I am very excited about the new gear and getting that two-set bonus.

Hope all is going well with you and yours and your toon, too!

Happy Raiding!


OMG… T-10!

MMO-Champion released numbers on the stats on the first two tiers of T-10 for priests!

(2) Set: Your Flash Heal has a 33% chance to cause the target to heal for 33% of the healed amount over 9 sec.
(4) Set: Your Circle of Healing and Penance spells have a 20% chance to cause your next Flash Heal cast within 6 sec to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance spells.

All of this sounds yummy to me.  Continue reading