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Unstuck.. for now.

We finally got Rotface down again last night, and I enjoyed reading X and Doug’s comments on yesterday’s “We Stuck” post.  Love it!

It would be nice though if you could use an in-game unstuck button on the bosses.  That button would simultaneously make every raider perform at the top of their game while also clearing vent as soon as someone opens their mouth to say something dumb. LOL  It would be a precog type button.

Anyhoo- we got him down- again after many, many, many wipes.  So, yay us!  The kill came after a “keep it up, people,” but there wasn’t any, “this is a kill” crap going on.  So.. um.. maybe they got it?  Whatever the case, WKN got skillz to make the killz.  Yeah, uh-huh, cheesy.. I know!

Podcast Update

I am still trying to figure out if we did schedule a vent convo for the OMG.. Priest! readers just how I would record it.  My podcast program is not interacting with vent… so…… if you are technically inclined give me some hints.

Working on deadline now… hopefully back a little later. 

Happy Raiding!


OMG.. we stuck!

In the words of.. um.. Sheneneh Jenkins on Martin: “Oh my guuuuudness.”  We are stuck on Rotface.  I think we got him to 3% when all the ooze got loose and.. and.. well.. it was just bad.  Green slime and bodies everywhere- and my wings of course.

I am thinking once you get the hang of the fight: running to the OT with Mutated Infection, moving from Slime Spray, and taking cover from Unstable Ooze, then it should be smooth sailing.  This has not been the case for us.

The Jinx Is In

I think part of it is “The Jinx”.  We get going real good, and then it happens.  An officer says something like, “Keep it up. people.  This is a kill.”  Yeeeeeeeeeah, right.  No sooner than those words are uttered, things get out of control.  Maybe not so much a jinx or a curse as it is the wrong thing to say at the right time.

Let’s break it down.  You’ve got “Positive Reinforcement” with the first half of the sentence.

“Keep it up, people.”

It serves as encouragement to let the raid know they are on the right track.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  People need encouragement.  I am a firm believer in that.  You should tell them when they perform well because gosh knows we yell at each other when it goes terribly bad. 

It’s like my dog- bless her heart.  She is so BAD and SPOILED, but she LOVES treats.  I guess in this case, treats would be equal to loot; however, when I say, “Good girl” while patting her head, she eats it up and wags her tail.  It makes her want to repeat that action, right?  Same with us raiders.  Sometimes we need a little verbal push to keep doing the right things.

But when you couple it with the second part of our sentence something goes wrong.

“This is a kill.”

Do you know this for sure?  Probably not.  There’s a chance– as Judy Tenuta would say- that it could happen.  But when Rotface is still sitting at 30%… I don’t know if that’s the best time to call a kill.  I think it could quite possibly have a negative affect on people.  No, I do not claim to know the inner workings of the minds of 24 other people.  Well, let’s say 23 because I am married to one of them, and I think I know him quite well.

But what if it’s just one person who thinks, “Hey, I can slack now.”  Nah, I don’t believe any of our people would do that, but again cue Judy, please.  So what is it?  Hmmmm.  I know what it is…


It’s like telling an actor, “Good Luck,” when you should really say, “Break a leg!”  Or like sweeping the main tank’s foot with a broom mid-raid IRL.  Why not just march the whole friggin’ raid under a ladder!?!

“Hut 2, 3, 4.. left, left, left, right, left.”

OK, let me calm down. LOL

/deep breath


I just want a kill, you know?  So, yes, keep up the good work people.  You know this fight!  We can do it!

That’s all I need to hear until I hear the DBM Victory Sound.  Then and only then can you even think to utter the words, “This is a kill.”  Oh, yeah, don’t forget, “Great Job, WKN!”

Happy Raiding!


P.S. Yes, I know skill trumps everything here, but we got skills.  We just need all of it to come together- and STAY together until the very end.  I know we can do it. 🙂

We made an angry poo poo

Yes, tonight we finally killed Rotface.  Seemed like an easy boss after we got used to the fight, but it is like fighting Grobby on crack or something.  We wiped quite a bit just learning the fight, but we got it down.  After a quick braggadocios picture, I will tell you how.


As a holy priest, I was assigned to raid heal and OT with a tree and a shammy.   Two pally healers took the MT.  Our disc priest was focused on healing those with Mutated Infection.  You should add this de-buff to your Healbot or Grid if it is not already there; however, the pally off-tank cleansed these- NOT the healers.  The only reason you might want to have these programmed is so you can heal them through the damage taken.

The raid takes minimal damage if they are agile enough to avoid Rotface’s Slime Spray, but people will get hit by it.  Just heal them up and keep going.  Things get a little hectic when 5 little oozes being kited around the room come together and then explode.  If left unorganized, people will run haywire to the walls to get away.  Folks who get hit will most  likely die.  Your CoH, PoH and Divine Hymn will work nicely here.

This is a basic rinse and repeat fight until Rotface is dead; however, I like to pop a PW:S on those who get Mutated Infection because I am spec’d into Body and Soul which gets them to the outer ring that much faster.  It’s just a personal preference for me; however, the disc priest bubble works wonders with thet de-buff!  So, if you have a disc priest, use it.

Any of you guys and gals out there who have any suggestions on this fight feel free to leave them here!

UncleFester Add-On

I tried this add-on tonight in out 10-man.  It actually tells the people with spores where to go during the fight.  It seemed to work well.  In 25-mans, we have one person calling out where to go.  This add-on does it automatically without any human thought process involved- which can be good and bad.  What’s really crazy/super/weird/fantastic, is that if you have an add-on called MoveItMoveIt, it will put an arrow on your screen telling you which way to run.  Suh-weet!  Hate to dumb down the raid, but some people never get up anyway…. just kidding!  🙂

You can find UncleFester and MoveItMoveIt on  I am still testing this one out.. so stay tuned.

Happy Raiding!


P.S. About that “angry poo poo?”  That’s a Rotface emote.  LOL  And trust me.. it must be very angry as violent as it is.

“Progressive Progession” To The Lich King

So, Blizz plans on releasing new bosses and wings in Icecrown like a HOT- or if you are addicted to WoW, maybe a DOT is a better way to describe it. We won’t get to fight the Lich King right away!
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"Progressive Progession" To The Lich King

So, Blizz plans on releasing new bosses and wings in Icecrown like a HOT- or if you are addicted to WoW, maybe a DOT is a better way to describe it. We won’t get to fight the Lich King right away!
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