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Great First Week In 3.3!

So far, so good for Exanna in Patch 3.3.  In less than a week, she’s been able to secure three super nice items.

The shoulders dropped off some ICC 25 trash.  I was able to buy the ring after farming my Ahsen Verdict rep up to friendly, and the weapon came from The Battered Hilt which dropped in the Halls of Reflection five-man to open up the Quel’delar quest chain.

I am a happy priest!  Continue reading

Quel'delar belongs to me…

QD AchieveIt took between three to four hours to complete the quest line, but finally, the mace- Hammer of Purified Flame– is mine.  I hope it was well worth it!  Here are some pics from my journey with a little explanation.

Taming QDYou will have to face your own weapon in battle in the Halls of Reflection after having run the Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron.  Continue reading

Quel'delar… Incoming!

hilt questThanks to a very nice and selfless guildie, I finally have The Battered Hilt!  (Shout out to Kenickie!)  It happened in the Halls of Reflection.  I “Need” rolled a 3.  Two other guildies passed.  A pug rolled higher than me, but Kenickie won the roll- on his alt Zucco.  He said he rolled to give it to a main that would use it.  He actually gave it to me! I’m not rich and simply cannot afford to buy it for 15k off the AH.  So I gave him a little sumthin-sumthin for it and also asked him several times if he wanted to keep it so he could make some gold.  His generosity almost brought me to tears… seriously.

So, now I am working on the Quel’delar quest chain.  First stop, Argent Tournament Grounds!  I am not stopping until the Hammer of Purified Flame is mine!  If I had an in-game gps, I would let you track my progress by Twitter… :).  Wish me luck!

Happy Raiding!



Quel'delar Quest Chain

I mentioned earlier how there’s a nice mace for you in this line of quests.  It’s called the Hammer of Purified Flame.  It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  It’s not an easy “get”, but I don’t think it will be too difficult once you obtain  The Battered Hilt in the new five-man instance, The Frozen Halls.  How do you get it?  Continue reading