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Pug-Nasty Pug-Foolery

I didn’t think I could do it, but I got 24 people- with decent gear and decent skills- to go into ICC.  I got the loot rules out of the way quickly.  One need roll for main spec for the raid.  If no one needs it for a main spec, then an off spec roll.  And if no one wanted it for off spec, then those who had already won something could greed roll with the rest of us.  Primordial Saronite was held for the end of the raid.  (I rolled a 99 for that, and with all the pain and suffering this pug caused, I think Blizz owed it to me.   LOL)

It really wasn’t THAT bad, but it wasn’t that great either.  The trash pulls were going fine, when that stupid Belt of the Lonely Noble dropped.  It’s BoE so naturally it was “hey, if you win this, you must equip immediately.”  The only holy pally said he would take it.  He was the only one to roll.  So I gave it to him.  Then he says, “That wasn’t a boss.  So that was a greed roll.”  Of course that sets off a cacophony of complaints from anyone else who could wear it.  Everyone wanted to re-roll greed.  So the pally loses it to someone else- who again I tell them to put the darn thing on.  (Somehow, I think that belt could end up on the AH anyway- but whatever.)  After wasting time on that, a former guildie who was tanking on an alt was like, “Everyone calm down.”

All the while I am thinking.. I need to re-think this one-woman guild thing.  LOL

So, we down Lord Marrowgar.  Then comes the weekly with good ‘ol Darnavan with Lady Deathwhisper. For some reason, someone had it out for him.  Poor brain-washed thing.  Some noob- or noobs- tried to off him.  So this is me on vent… “Wipe it!”  People die.  We raise the dead.  Folks run back, and someone types, “You don’t call for a wipe just because it’s the weekly.”  I LOL it off and say some of us need the emblems, but others decide to get into a chat-fight.  “I know plenty who would.. why wouldn’t you call for a wipe… blah, blah, blah.”  As the raid leader, you would think folks would listen to me when I say, “Let’s just get a fourth tank to either keep Darnavan or get the adds.”  Oh noooooooo.  Don’t listen to the little woman.  LOL.   We try again.  This time the adds are going nuts, but the third time was the charm.  One tank finally decided it was a good idea… oh but it was his idea of course.  Boys.  We got the mofo down.

On to the gunship.. which was easy peasy.  BUT before we got there, another frigging Belt of the Lonely Noble.  This time the pally gets it and keeps it as his need roll.  Immediate equip.

I had a few people with kids leave early- one former guildie couldn’t take the drama and bailed.  I don’t blame him a bit.  <Wasted Space> had a “no drama” policy.. so dealing with fussy pugs got old for us quickly.  I was almost glad when too many people decided they had to leave.  We missed out on our tokens… darn!

But I learned a lot today…

  • Be firm but nice in the raids.  Being nice can go a long way.
  • Be fair with the loot and explain it up front.
  • There are folks who need these 25-mans even if they are in a guild.  So don’t put up with BS attitudes.
  • Earn the raid’s respect.
  • Always have someone who knows as much as you do- or preferably MORE than you do.  LOL. Thanks, Gujii!
  • If you do it right, they will come back for more. LOL

I have a lot of folks who want to come back next week, but Hubby and I are thinking about starting a really good 10-man that will kill the Lich King and move on to heroic.  That gear is better than the ICC 25 stuff, and it takes less folks to do.   Plus, should I decide to re-join the guild scene, my gear won’t be too far behind.

However, I really gave it serious thought today.  The guild some of my old guildies joined needs healers, and they want me to go, too.  After today, I am seriously considering it.  But again, despite the pug-nastiness of the day, it’s been nice just chillin’.

Happy Raiding!


… where Pug-Foolery lives.

Soooooo… I started my own guild.  That’s right- a guild of one.. with the help of Hubby, some nice strangers and some former guildies- all of which either quit or got kicked by me after I turned my charter in.  We all had an agreement from the beginning.. no ties, no obligations, just sigs, please.

Dancing to my own beat!

My first foray as GM and sole member of <OMG Priest> was into an ICC 25 pug.  It started late, but we made it to Saurfang.  My damn token dropped; however, I rolled a 38.  Too bad, huh?  But it was nice, raiding without being on anyone’s schedule but my own- with my fancy new guild tabard on. Sexxy!  It was a good group surprisingly, and I had fun.  Nothing to report in the way of pug-foolery except for the fact that the raid leader pronounces melee as mee-lee.  That irks me.  It irks me about as bad as a guy who used to say, ay-LEE-uns- like saying “alien” in a weird way but really meaning “alliance.”  Maybe the new raid week will bring more entries to the Pug-Foolery category.

I asked Hubby to come back to my guild.  He promptly told me “no” because he doesn’t want <OMG Priest> over his head. 🙂 I even promised him space in the guild bank.  Still a “no.”  So the name of this guild may be changing soon to something he can stomach. LOL He is trying to come up with something he can live with.  Anyhoo… just thought I would give you an update on the newly crowned Queen of Casual, Princess of Pugs.. Exanna: proud to be the founder of <OMG Priest>.. where Pug-Foolery lives.

Happy Raiding!


Pug-Foolery: "Disco" Ain't Dead… but my party is


Welcome to the party!


My first real foray into an instance as a Discipline Priest was so bad..

How bad was it, Exxy?

It was so bad that everybody died.

(Cue laugh track and rim-shot)

It was not pretty.

Picture this:  Halls of Stone, The Tribunal of Ages.

Now everyone knows, for any seasoned healer, this instance is old hat, right?  Sometimes the waves and waves of baddies can catch you off guard, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.  Well imagine being a newbie Disciplined Priest.  I went over everything Miss Medicina said in our podcast.  Even listened to it numerous times to be sure.

Okay, shield everyone.  Check.

PoM the tank.  Check.

Oh, no, the lock is taking damage.  Penance? Arrggggh- Check.

So this guy wants to steal aggro.  Pain Suppression? Well… hmm.. idk.. ohhhh, what the hell!?! Check.

Wait, the tank is a pally.  Should I shield him?  Damn, his mana is low.  Maybe I should let his health dip a bit… oh crap.  Wait, my oh crap button is what again?  Hell, I don’t know.  “Hey, Ghostcrawler and Miss Medicina said you need to learn how to tank!”  Maybe I should learn how to heal… Pain Suppression?  Maybe.  Eww, he is down to like 20 health.  Well, greater heal.  Check.  Whew- just made it.  Maybe he laid his hands on himself.

Oh, great, now I am dying.  Did I spec into Desperate Prayer?  Oh, yep, I did.  Check.

It went on like that in my head for a good bit.  I think a DPS died first.  Then another DPS.  Then me.  It was just the tank and a DPS to finish it out.  Thank goodness we didn’t have to start over.

I warned them in the beginning.  You know when everyone says the customary, “Hi.”  I was like:

[Party][Exanna]: My main spec is Holy.  This is my first time healing as Discipline so…

They could read into the dot-dot-dot what they wanted to.  They were warned.  I think the tank gave me an “lol.”  Anyhoo.. we got through that- sort of.  And then came Sjonnir The Ironshaper.  Two people died there, too.  I was so happy when it was over!  OMG.. Major Fail!

Just because it says "disco," and I loved this album as a kid. Look at all the priest bubbles. It was meant to be. Okay, just humor me. OMG!

I am not totally discouraged.  Maybe just a little discouraged.  Okay, A LOT discouraged.  Thinking about it makes me LOL- literally.  I feel I have to learn it, though.  I have to be a better healer, and I think this is one way to do it.

On the flip side, I am learning the mechanics of the disco priest.  It is quite remarkable to see people’s health stay green with the shields up.  Impressive.  Thanks, Miss Medicina!

Helping Priests- One Pug At A Time

While Exxy fails at the disco thing, DanityKane is excelling at helping other priests.  I ran Hubby’s mage through Forge of Souls last night, and we had a priest who was new to the instance.  He/she/it was also taking a lot of breaks in between, really slowing down the pace of the run.  He was this—–>.<—– close to getting /kicked.

If you have ever tanked, then you know how frustrating it is to watch your health tick down.  If you’re a healer who has ever run with a hotheaded tank, then you know how easy it is to exact revenge on them in a run. /smirk

In this FoS, I blew every cooldown, and while everyone else’s health was up to like 90% or more, I died on the last boss who was at 62k.  We all know DK’s are squishy.  After I went down, so did everyone else.  Instead of getting mad– well I was mad on the inside, but I kept it down- I just told the priest:  “keep prayer of mending, renew and a bubble on me.”  We went back in there- daring to look upon the Host of Souls, and the priest rocked it!  I even saw the wings pop out, which should scare a tank, but I knew he/she/it was really working hard.  I felt like DanityKane helped someone get better last night.

Happy Raiding!


Love and Valithria

Exanna The Love Fool

I am a Love Fool now!  Congrats to me!  IRL, I found roses, chocolates, a bear, a beautiful card and the MJ This Is It! Collector’s DVD on my desk at work today.  I love you, Hubby, and will be your love fool anytime!  XOXO!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valithria Dreamwalker

That’s who’s got next with WKN.  I absolutely love this friggin’ fight although I am still learning the mechanics.  We went in there for the first time last night, and it was quite interesting.  We really get to heal a boss.  This IS indeed the healers’ fight.  Now, if we could just get the DPS to do the right things…

One of our healers said in The Healer’s Channel, “Now we get to blame the DPS for everything.”  Yes, we do!  Try and blame us if you want.  We were doing our fecking job.. LOL.  And stay out of the vapor ring thingies… they will kill you!

Here’s a video Hubby found on WoWWiki!  A little how-to for you!  Enjoy!  (Tips for priests at 2:11.)

WoW Broke Last Night?

I was tanking a pug on my DK last night when suddenly it was like we were suspended in time.  The healer dc’d, and my toon kept looting over and over and over.  I could still chat with the guild, though, but the only way I could log out was to ALT+F4.  My guildmates said they couldn’t trade or anything.  Come to find out the entire realm sort of went kaput.  I am guessing the other realms in our battlegroup did, too.  When I was finally able to get back on, I was back in the dungeon- at the entrance- but all alone with no Emblems of Frost to show for it.  Boo on you, Blizz!

It’s Friday, people!  Let’s get it crunk!  🙂

Happy Raiding,

Judged By The Content Of My Character

Discrimination in real life is nothing to laugh at.  I know from my own experience that it can be painful.  Ever had to squeeze out a back bedroom window and run home as a child because your best friend’s father- who hated “your kind”- came home early from work?  So please don’t read too much into the title of this post, but it is exactly what happened to me in-game today.  The purpose of this post title is not to offend but just to show how real life and game stuff parallel.

So today, I was “judged” by a gear score add-on.  I don’t know which one.  The upside is I was on the “good” side of the judging but I am sure there are many more who end up being picked on for what their toon is wearing- literally the content of their gear.

Thanks.. I think.

I was in an LFG pug doing my heroic daily.  Everyone does the customary, “hellos,” when all the sudden I see, “nice gs exa.”  I was taken aback for a second.  I mean I downloaded ElitistGroups just to see how it worked, but I have never once really used it on anyone in a group.  I usually just come into an instance ready to heal or tank.  Never for a moment have I thought to check gear scores off the bat.

It got me to thinking.  How many other toons who may not be as well geared as Exanna get lol’d at everyday or rejected or maybe even left standing alone based on gear score alone?  I have to admit I looked at the tank’s 30k health and thought, “She must be new,” but I reserve any judgement about skills or gear until after the first boss.  I like to give people a chance.  Sure I kept pulling threat off of the toon, but we made it.  Thank goodness.. even after I said, “one sec,” stepped away, and the tank pulled anyway.

I would like to write, “Even in the World of Warcraft, people will find ways to judge you.”  But is there really a need for the word “even?”  I mean- in the words of the ESPN boys- come on, man.  We all know this happens everyday in WoW.  It just surprises me that people do this in the same five-mans that many of us geared up in from the start.

Oh, how soon we forget where we came from!  Remember those days of running Nexus every single friggin’ day hoping the War Mace of Unrequited Love would drop for you!?!  It really hurt me one time when it finally dropped and a caster won the roll.  I eventually got it and moved on just like so many of our under-geared counterparts will in the future. 

So, please, give the novice toons a chance- and stop being in awe of high gear scores!  Please!  It means nothing if the real person on the other end has no idea what they are doing.  Right?  I mean it could be an absolutely over-geared toon of a player who just bought it one hour before.. or it could be me playing my husband’s mage.  Yeah, that’s a story there.  He told me what buttons to push, but I forgot!  The group complained because my DPS was like 1200.  LOL  I guess they looked at his GS and wondered, “WTF is he doing!?!”  I explained to them, “hey, I don’t know WTF I am doing,” and why.  They helped me get better by telling me “WTF to do.”  So by the end, I learned a little bit about a mage.  I also realized people can be forgiving and helpful.

So before you judge a book by its cover, give the person or toon a chance to prove themselves.  And if you can help them- and if they will accept the help- at least try.  Otherwise, leave the gear score checks for raid time.  You know like 10-mans and above?  That’s usually where gear can either hurt or help you.  But Blizzard has the 5-mans covered.  My DK couldn’t get into the new ICC five-mans for a while.  Why?  Because my gear wasn’t up to par.

Am I calling on people to be bleeding hearts and help the under-geared one dungeon at a time?  If you don’t have the patience for it, then go ahead and leave.  Desert us and get a 15 minute debuff.. lol.  The numbers may be right, but don’t let numbers cloud your vision.  Feedback, please!

Cue the "The More You Know" music, please.

This has been a message from the Exxy Network.

Happy Raiding!


Hehateme Mana Issues

Don't be a heifer!

Picture this.  The Pit of Saron tunnel scene.  The task looks daunting as heavy ice crashes hard from the ceiling like an incessant rhythm of death.  boom.. Boom.. BOOM.. BAM.. CRASH!  OMG!  You watch the merry band of five as the tank then turns to his fellow group members and says in a heroic voice, “This is going to be rough, guys.  Only the brave and the alert will survive.  Avoid the runes, stay together, and above all.. Don’t.. stop.. until we.. get.. to.. the middle!” (Channeling a bit of Capt. Kirk there.)

So he takes off, all follow, and then the tank stops the designated spot to take all the mobs on, fighting valiantly to keep all aggro on him.  Then suddenly, the holy priest- at the time casting no heals- says, “Hey, slow up a bit!” as everyone around her dies.  Oh, they are horrible deaths as the tank dies first, leaving the mobs to finish off the rest one.. by.. one.

“I was casting Hymn of Hope.” 

/record scratch


As you watch the scene unfold on the screen, you pull back into reality and see the tank become frustrated in real life.  You hear the tank say, “I hate priest healers.”  Then you start to cry.  Why?  Because it’s your husband saying it as he sits on the couch next to you wondering why in the hell the priest did that.

“Well, every priest healer but you,” he tells you, patting your shoulder.

“OK, OK, fine, Hubby, but before you took off, did you even  make sure she had mana?”

“Yes, she did,” he replies.  Of course, Capt. Kirk wouldn’t be that oblivious right? Hmmmmmmmm

“So, you’re telling me the priest stopped mid-fight to cast Hymn of Hope in the tunnel?”


I find this story odd, and I am not sure I completely believe him; however, the poor priest did apologize when it was over.  So, maybe the priest wasa doofus.

Whatever the case, there are so many other options for getting mana back mid-fight that don’t require you to stop healing.  As you know, I lay no claim to theorycrafting prowess, but here are a few things that will keep you from being “Hated With The Tank.”

  • Meditation A basic need. Only three points on your talent tree. Spec into it.
  • Shadowfiend + Glyph of Shadowfiend=More Mana Quickly: I usually pop mine at about 50% mana
  • Runic Mana Potion: I use this at about 30% mana.  Alchemist could use Endless Mana Potion if they wanted, but other than saving money, I don’t think that’s enough mana.
  • Inner Focus: So simple.  One click and you get a free cast!
  • Hymn of Hope:  Hmmm, yes, last resort.   You could also glyphfor it.  I love this spell, but I hardly ever use it in five mans.  I mean, all the heals fall on me.  There are instances where the damage is quite minimal, and you might have time to cast this spell; however, this is best used when there are other healers there to pick up the slack.  If you do use this frequently and seem to have mana issues, you may want to look at gear, gemming and enchants- which you should be doing anyway, right?

There are ways to help your mana issues overall.  You could either get a larger mana pool or get better regen.  I like to have a balance.  I love spirit and intellect.  You should make them your friends.   Also, if your haste is too high for your current gear and gemming you may find yourself going “oom” all the time.

As for figuring out how to make your mana last for s ever, check out Zusterke’s Corner.  Poke around a bit.  It’s good stuff.

Also, looks like someone started a forum about this over at PlusHeal I wonder if it was the priest in question? o.O

Happy Raiding!


Pug-foolery: Run Back!

This morning, I queue up for the heroic daily only to find out I have been dumped into an already failed HoR- wave 6. No sooner than I hit auto run down the long hall so I can type, “Which side are we on?” (there were dots on both sides), the spirits start circling the altar. WHY!?! Because a dwarf ran ACROSS the altar to get to the right side. So I start off having to res one person, buff and heal up the wounded. This also means I have less mana than a pally tank at the beginning of the fight. (OK I exaggerate, but you get it, right?)


We struggle through it- with me fading every CD. Finally it is over, and the chase begins. Everything goes haywire immediately as we fight on the ledge. The big abominations are vomiting on everyone.. we all die. Meanwhile, I am screaming, “YOU HAVE TO TURN THOSE FRICKIN BUG GUYS AWAY FROM US!” The tank tells us on the “run” back, he fell off the ledge. OK, that is forgivable- and laughable. What is not forgivable?  Not running back. Another toon just stayed there dead on the floor. It was the same guy I had to res when I walked in to this situation. So it was obvious he was a serial lazy butt. Plus, I got turned around finding my way back. I kept wondering as long as it was taking me to get back why he was still dead.

Don't just lay there!

Run back, people!  I figure, we all die around the same time so we can all get back at the same time, right? This guy said he didn’t know his way back. At some point, you gotta struggle through it (like me and so many other directionally impaired) and find your way.

Maybe I am impatient. Yes, I am, but don’t be a lazy butt. It makes me angry. So angry.

The guy also failed at getting behind the abominations, too.  A learning curve I am sure.

Happy Raiding!