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Judged By The Content Of My Character

Discrimination in real life is nothing to laugh at.  I know from my own experience that it can be painful.  Ever had to squeeze out a back bedroom window and run home as a child because your best friend’s father- who hated “your kind”- came home early from work?  So please don’t read too much into the title of this post, but it is exactly what happened to me in-game today.  The purpose of this post title is not to offend but just to show how real life and game stuff parallel.

So today, I was “judged” by a gear score add-on.  I don’t know which one.  The upside is I was on the “good” side of the judging but I am sure there are many more who end up being picked on for what their toon is wearing- literally the content of their gear.

Thanks.. I think.

I was in an LFG pug doing my heroic daily.  Everyone does the customary, “hellos,” when all the sudden I see, “nice gs exa.”  I was taken aback for a second.  I mean I downloaded ElitistGroups just to see how it worked, but I have never once really used it on anyone in a group.  I usually just come into an instance ready to heal or tank.  Never for a moment have I thought to check gear scores off the bat.

It got me to thinking.  How many other toons who may not be as well geared as Exanna get lol’d at everyday or rejected or maybe even left standing alone based on gear score alone?  I have to admit I looked at the tank’s 30k health and thought, “She must be new,” but I reserve any judgement about skills or gear until after the first boss.  I like to give people a chance.  Sure I kept pulling threat off of the toon, but we made it.  Thank goodness.. even after I said, “one sec,” stepped away, and the tank pulled anyway.

I would like to write, “Even in the World of Warcraft, people will find ways to judge you.”  But is there really a need for the word “even?”  I mean- in the words of the ESPN boys- come on, man.  We all know this happens everyday in WoW.  It just surprises me that people do this in the same five-mans that many of us geared up in from the start.

Oh, how soon we forget where we came from!  Remember those days of running Nexus every single friggin’ day hoping the War Mace of Unrequited Love would drop for you!?!  It really hurt me one time when it finally dropped and a caster won the roll.  I eventually got it and moved on just like so many of our under-geared counterparts will in the future. 

So, please, give the novice toons a chance- and stop being in awe of high gear scores!  Please!  It means nothing if the real person on the other end has no idea what they are doing.  Right?  I mean it could be an absolutely over-geared toon of a player who just bought it one hour before.. or it could be me playing my husband’s mage.  Yeah, that’s a story there.  He told me what buttons to push, but I forgot!  The group complained because my DPS was like 1200.  LOL  I guess they looked at his GS and wondered, “WTF is he doing!?!”  I explained to them, “hey, I don’t know WTF I am doing,” and why.  They helped me get better by telling me “WTF to do.”  So by the end, I learned a little bit about a mage.  I also realized people can be forgiving and helpful.

So before you judge a book by its cover, give the person or toon a chance to prove themselves.  And if you can help them- and if they will accept the help- at least try.  Otherwise, leave the gear score checks for raid time.  You know like 10-mans and above?  That’s usually where gear can either hurt or help you.  But Blizzard has the 5-mans covered.  My DK couldn’t get into the new ICC five-mans for a while.  Why?  Because my gear wasn’t up to par.

Am I calling on people to be bleeding hearts and help the under-geared one dungeon at a time?  If you don’t have the patience for it, then go ahead and leave.  Desert us and get a 15 minute debuff.. lol.  The numbers may be right, but don’t let numbers cloud your vision.  Feedback, please!

Cue the "The More You Know" music, please.

This has been a message from the Exxy Network.

Happy Raiding!


Pug-foolery: Run Back!

This morning, I queue up for the heroic daily only to find out I have been dumped into an already failed HoR- wave 6. No sooner than I hit auto run down the long hall so I can type, “Which side are we on?” (there were dots on both sides), the spirits start circling the altar. WHY!?! Because a dwarf ran ACROSS the altar to get to the right side. So I start off having to res one person, buff and heal up the wounded. This also means I have less mana than a pally tank at the beginning of the fight. (OK I exaggerate, but you get it, right?)


We struggle through it- with me fading every CD. Finally it is over, and the chase begins. Everything goes haywire immediately as we fight on the ledge. The big abominations are vomiting on everyone.. we all die. Meanwhile, I am screaming, “YOU HAVE TO TURN THOSE FRICKIN BUG GUYS AWAY FROM US!” The tank tells us on the “run” back, he fell off the ledge. OK, that is forgivable- and laughable. What is not forgivable?  Not running back. Another toon just stayed there dead on the floor. It was the same guy I had to res when I walked in to this situation. So it was obvious he was a serial lazy butt. Plus, I got turned around finding my way back. I kept wondering as long as it was taking me to get back why he was still dead.

Don't just lay there!

Run back, people!  I figure, we all die around the same time so we can all get back at the same time, right? This guy said he didn’t know his way back. At some point, you gotta struggle through it (like me and so many other directionally impaired) and find your way.

Maybe I am impatient. Yes, I am, but don’t be a lazy butt. It makes me angry. So angry.

The guy also failed at getting behind the abominations, too.  A learning curve I am sure.

Happy Raiding!


More Pug-Foolery

So by the luck of the LFG draw, I got this tank for Old Kingdom. 

Check out this tank's health

OK is… “ok”.. okay?  It’s not that difficult of an instance- IF you’ve run it time and time again before.  But the first thing the tank says to me as we are getting ready for first pull is…

I never tanked this before

Granted, I do sound rather rude and elitist.  I’m not really that way.  We had just gotten off the road from visiting every relative and in-law known to man for the holidays, and I just wanted my badges.  So, yes, I was wrong.  I am willing to admit that; however, Continue reading

Kicking Pugs and Taking Names

Did you know you have to wait 15 minutes to kick a bad puggle out of the group?  Sometimes, 15 minutes is just too long to wait!  Case in point… Hubby was in a random heroic daily with a mage who put herself on follow.  She never cast a spell just sort of tagged along.  Group members continued to berate her and ask her to leave.  At one point, they even MD’d the mobs to her.  She died… and had the nerve to run back.. and do nothing again.  The group had to wait the minimum 15 minutes to kick the leech from the group.

And tonight, my group had a rogue who did very little to help us out.  The group leader asked the rogue to contribute or leave.  He did start fighting, but his contribution was just 5% of total damage done.  After 15 mintues, we took a vote and watched the stealth-ed out rogue disappear from our midst. What a loser.

I am glad Blizz has the /kick vote option, and I guess it’s for good reason that you must wait 15 minutes to give the person a fair shot.  What is unfair are people who tag-along for badges without doing much work at all.  It’s enough to make me want to create a toon on their realm just to whisper nasty things to them and bad mouth them in trade.  However, I am not the crazy. 🙂

Any of you had similar experiences in a pug?  I wanna hear from you!

Happy Holidays!

I will be more or less out of pocket over the next few days.  Traveling… seeing family.. trying to hide my Warcraft addiciton.. failing.

I guess I will have to write about balancing family holidays and WoW….

Until next time, Happy Raiding!