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How are you doing?

I hope all is well with all of you, and I hope this post finds all of you kicking whatever is left of ICC in the arse.  For many it will be the last few bosses of ICC that will get the best of them, but don’t give up, the finish line is closer than you might think.  I find that we are all in the lag period before the expansion pack.  For me, I have also been distracted.  We’re moving to a new house, and I really haven’t time to think about raids between that and work.  Buying a house is a stressful process!  It was worse than any defile LK ever put on my toon.. seriously.  🙂

I just wanted to see how everyone is doing out there in the blogosphere.  What are your thoughts on Cataclysm?  Will you be a Worgen?  How are your raids?  Heroic ICC  kicking your butt?  Any fab loot to speak of?   Any new healing techniques I should know about?  Anything.. at all?  Anyone wanna write something and post it here?  LOL

Hope to hear from you soon!

Smooches and Happy Raiding!


Kingslayer, Baby!


Lich King Ain't Got Nuthin' On Me!

Anyone there?

I am guessing “no” as I pretty much abandoned this blog, cut back on my playing time, sort of started working out, and got back to doing other things I really enjoy. Like reading!   Let me see… The Kiterunner, The Immortal Life of Hattie Lacks, and a bit of Tom Sawyer.  I also watched The Kiterunner movie.. it made me cry.  My husband likes to make me play the new Resident Evil game- which gives me nightmares.  I hate zombies.  I’ve also become quite a fan of HGTV lately.  So outside of WoW, I’ve been halfway living life as I did pre-WoW.  I have to say.. it’s been nice.  I lost weight and everything!  LOL 

My poor DK still transmutes, but she does little else.  Although, today she did get a new weapon and a new rep ring from AV.  All I did was log her on to transmute, and an old friend immediately sent her an invite to ICC.  I was like, “o…k….”  I almost forgot how to play her, but I quickly got into the groove of things.  It was fun.

LK Lives

On my main, Exanna, I only raid three days a week now- which has been a nice break!  And in pretty much prick-less guild- so that helps, too!  We got LK to 30-something-percent last week, so I am guessing that effer will die soon.  OMG!  I can only hope.  Defile has proven to be a real bitch- but we are getting the hang of it.  It’s nice to Body-and-Soul out of stupidity!

Renew This

In other news- my healing is now very renew, CoH, and PoH heavy.  However, again it always depends on the fight, and it also depends on knowing exactly when damage will spike.  Changing servers has really challenged me to be a better healer.  I feel like I need more crit though.  So we will see.

That’s it for now.  Hope all is well out there!

Happy Raiding!



We went in to see the Lich King for the second time last night, and this fight is a learning process and a work in progress.  That’s the simplest way to put it.  One spell- and one spell alone- can jack it all up.


It looks like this if you fail. Continue reading

Nice Work

Plagueworks 10... down!

The guild has a new strat that was employed this week in 25-man.  We got him down to about 9% in 25.  Tonight in 10-man, we got him down to ZERO!  Sweet!  I should add that the 10-mans here in my new guild have had him down since January.. LOL.  So this is MY first Prof. Pute kill. 🙂  I think he will die in 25-man soon.

Happy Raiding!


Princes Down!

Ahh, success is so sweet after so much bitter failure.  We got the Blood Prince Council down tonight!  Thank you, Doug, for your advice.  We still used the pally tank on the orbs, but we had the hunter pet tank the balls.  Also, while some strats say you can’t really position for the fight, we put one ranged and one healer on each point on the floor.  It’s about 12-13 yards apart.  Whenever the Empowered Vortex hit, the ranged would run out, the heals would stay put.  It cut down on incoming damage considerably.

I am incredibly proud of the guild tonight.  We worked hard, listened to each other’s ideas and got it done.  Congrats, WKN!

And we 'cheiven!


Woot!  I look HOT!

Still trying to figure out how to make it work, but I did notice that I now get a Circle of Healing every three seconds.  Damn, that’s hot.  I also got Greatcloak of the Turned Champion and Sanguuine Silk Robe.  I really need the haste boost on the robe which means I will have to break my four-set occasionally depending on the fight.

Tonight was a good night overall- not just because of the loot- but because of the KILL.  OMG.. NEXT!

Happy Raiding!

P.S. I have two potential co-podcasters with me on the discipline priest lesson.  I will be getting with them soon!  Smooches!


The Blood Prince Council



Channeling Foghorn Leghorn:  “I say- I say- I say 1%”


Again, I tell you. 1%

That’s how far down we got The Blood Prince Council.  It looked like a kill.  It felt like a kill.  It should have been a kill.  But it wasn’t.  I could blame it on The Jinx because the RL said the dreaded words, “This is a kill.”  He even congratulated us on it; however, something went wrong at the very end.  Oh, yeah.  People were dying, plus the target switched to another prince, and in the time we wasted prematurely celebrating the kill (thanks to looking at the current target’s 0% /lol), we could have killed the next guy… maybe.

I think we have the mechanics of this fight down.  I mean 1%, right!?!  We just have to really focus tonight.  I recall the healer for the Warlock tank saying he went /oom.  It is a very healing intensive fight.  Heck, everything in ICC is!  Blizz really upped the ante in this latest release, and for that I say, “Thank you!”

Still… 1-friggin-miniscule percent!  OMG… Crappity Crap Crap Crap!  Now, I am being told it was less than 1%- 500k! Wow.

So I look forward to taking these prissy little bastards down tonight.  I want revenge!  I got one-hit by 80k+ damage more than once.. so Blood Princes.. we’re coming for you tonight!  And hopefully we will have perfect execution!  It must be done.

If you have any tips about this fight, please share.

Good News, Everyone!

In our 10-man Saturday we worked on Professor Putricide.  We had some pugs from two guilds that have already downed him.  We walked away with some good tips and got him down to about 30%.  I will find the time to post the tips here when I get a chance.  I might even make a map.  IDK.. F0r now, it’s time to go play in makeup!  I go live in 30 minutes!

Happy Raiding!