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Uncle Fester 25 Lives

He won’t die.  I am so frustrated I don’t know what to do.  Of course, we were missing some key players last night on the healing side- some due to obligations, others due to something else, even more still who just are not showing up.   The DPS was fine, but we had a snafu with one of our main tank healers and ended up bringing in an alt.  The alt did fine, and we appreciate him switching out his main to help us cover the heals, but it was the wrong comp last night.  We were also missing our main shammy heals and a tree who was present the night before.  Our main tree (who will be on sabbatical soon) was doing well as ususal but it just did not work last night.

Time To Recruit?

It used to be we were heavy on the heals, but methinks we will have to start recruiting again.  We had a bad situation last night, and it doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon.  Seems to happen more often on Mondays than not, and those days have to be “press forward days” because of the reset.  Speaking of which, maybe we will get back to him tonight and hopefully any account issues will be resolved.

TYVM, Blizz!

From Blizz by way of MMO-Champion:

The Culling of Stratholme
We plan to do something to allow players a quicker start to this dungeon, however, the fix to the scripting is more complicated than the changes we’re making to some of the other dungeons and likely will not be ready for the next minor patch.

Thank goodness.  It used to be the.longest.start.ever.  Or shall I say the…………………… longest…………………… staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………………………

Happy Raiding!



Priest Healing Trial of the Crusader Part Two

This is Part Two of Priest Healing Trial of the Crusader.  You can find Part One here.


“Trifling gnome..  You face Jaraxxus!”

The raid leader usually spreads us out in groups of two around the star’s points on the floor and tanks the guy in the middle.  I turn on /range to make sure I am not close to anyone but my partner.  Continue reading

Make Haste!

I was just over at responding to a post, and decided.. why not put my response here? The question posed was, “Does Haste Make a Difference?”

I decided to take part in the discussion as I now love haste. The cast times are quite remarkable if you ask me, and I have posted them here. Wonder what it would be like to have 1 flash heal per second? Anyhoo.. here is my response: Continue reading

My Healing Style

As stated earlier, the Triumph four-set has forced me to use Renew that much more.

Since I am a holy priest, my strong point is raid heals; however, I am able to tank heal. My current off-spec is discipline; however, my experiment with that is better left for a future post.

I usually start of with a Prayer of Mending up on a tank. Of course, everything you do depends on who is taking damage, anticipating that damage and deciding what you will do about it. Continue reading

Five Healing ToGC and Priestly 4-sets

So, last night we were stuck on Northrend Beasts… again! But we almost killed Icehowl with just five healers… FIVE HEALERS! Some of the officers didn’t think it would be possible to five heal it, but I suggested we get another dps since one of our heals couldn’t stay connected. I told them, “We may surprise you.. then again we may not.” Continue reading