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Saturday's Shared Topic: What Kind of Boss Would You Be?

It's like getting trampled on Black Friday by a bunch of crazed women!

From Blog Azeroth’s Shared Topic:

I was lying in bed the other day, thinking…. and I wondered what sort of boss I would be if I was a boss in WOW. Would I be an easy loot giving boss like Loot Reaver, Chess Event, Gunship, or would I be a really hard one, like STUPID ROTFACE who is driving us crazy at the moment, or Shade of Aran was in Karazhan for our guild many moons ago? What would my special abilities be? What loot would I drop?

Introducing… Exanna The Great

Hi, this is Aenid, and welcome to the OMG.. Priest Startegy Guide for Exanna the Great.  Exanna lives in the Divaworks section of ICC.  She is quite healthy with 37-million health.  The fight is a Battle for Survival.  It requires raid awareness, good positioning and shopping know-how.  Positioning is key from the start, with the ranged spread out every 10 yards around her  in a semi-cirlce and the melee of course in their usual position.  Three tanks are necessary for this fight as they will each take stacks of Buyer’s Remorse.  We will explain that later in this video.

Phase One

Phase one of this fight begins with Exanna on the stairs.  She will have a shopping cart full of loot of to the side.  Your goal is to kill her to take it from her. 

Don't take too many stacks of Buyer's Remorse. It could kill you.

First pull is crucial as it will initially be hard to control Exanna.  The first tank to actually tank her will need to firmly establish himself/herself as third on aggro.  Then and only then will she take to him.  You have an 8 second window to do this.  At the same time, all three tanks will need to stay in front of her and the rest of the raid at her back as she has a terrible cleave that hits for 100k.

When Tank 1 has aggro, Exanna will begin the cycle of her abilities.  Exanna will randomly target three raid members at a time with Shadow Word: Puke.  They will wretch around uncontrollably for 10 seconds.  This DoT ticks for 2000 every 2 seconds.  This happens once every 15 seconds.  Exanna will also sacrifice two raid members on sweater folding tables that will appear to her right and left.  They will be held in chains once every 45 seconds.  Ranged DPS will need to break the chains.

While this is going on, Tank 1 will begin taking stacks of Buyer’s Remorse.  Once this spell reaches four stacks, Tank 2 has 8 seconds to establish aggro by taunting off Tank 1.  Once again, Tank 2 will have had to be third on the aggro list.  After Tank 2 has aggro, ten bags with gears will appear on the ground at her feet.  Tank 1 will need to open each one of these bags one at a time in hopes of finding the Biscuit of Sanity and the Drink of Life.  All the while, Tank 1 needs to continue to hold second place on the aggro table so Tank 3 will be able to take his/her turn.  Tank 1 will need to drink the Drink of Life and save the Biscuit of Sanity for Phase 2.  All of this should be done before Tank 2 reaches  a fourth stack.  Repeat this until all three tanks have a Biscuit of Sanity.  At that point, you should be ready for Phase 2.

Phase 2

The mark of Phase 2 is a massive Psychic Scream.  Exanna’s head will begin to spin and her screams will send the entire raid into a frenzy for 9 seconds.  You can use any manner of spells or trinkets to get out of this.  This will happen once every minute, so you may want to have half the raid assigned to trinket/bubble the first time and the other half the second time. 

Ranged will need to stay 10 yards apart because of constant DoT for those standing too close to one another.  It is called Claustrophobia and ticks for 2000 every three seconds.  When Exanna reaches 30%, all three tanks will need to throw their Biscuits of Sanity at her.  She will consume them and a pot belly will appear.

All ranged DPS will need to burn the fat out of it in 15 seconds or it will explode covering the entire raid in goo.  This goo is like a berserker rage.  It will melt the skin off of everything in sight, killing everyone.  If you make it past this point, you will be home free.  It is a basic tank and spank from here on out.


After killing her, you will be able to take loot out of her shopping cart.

Just two of the things Exanna will drop:

Wierd boss, eh?

Happy Raiding!


OMG.. Earthquake! Wait… earthquake?

I thought my computer was acting up, but maybe not.  According to, there have been small earthquakes going on in-game.  The writers over there believe it is related to Cataclysm.  I absolutely love it!  Another in-game event coming up, perhaps?

Remember back in 2008 when all the zombies took over the World of Warcraft and those huge hovering buildings dripping with goo mysteriously hovered over our world like spaceships full of aliens promising to change our World for the worse forever?  It was just before Wrath of the Lich King hit the market.  I was so friggin’ annoyed with the zombies and being chased by mobs of people in Ironforge.  My dispels simply weren’t quick enough.  I remember a guildie and I hiding out in the Mystics Wing up top, hoping no one would find us.  Then I took to hovering above Shatt as a safe haven; however, when the event ended, I actually missed the excitement of the scourge hunting me down.

I look forward to another world event.  This time, I will take the time to actually enjoy it.  Oh, Blizz, please give us something fun to do!  Something that would even cross realms in the LFG system.  Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Now, I will be looking for in-game earthquakes and aftershocks, hoping that the Cataclysm is near.  Who would of thunk that?

Happy Raiding!


Turn the lights on!

I am pretty certain I am one of the few people who has never seen Windle Sparkshine, but my husband discovered him last night. According to the comments on wowhead, he walks around turning the lights on in Dalaran and then sells you wands that will allow you to do the same. They say there’s no achievement for it, but still it was pretty fun to do.