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Love and Valithria

Exanna The Love Fool

I am a Love Fool now!  Congrats to me!  IRL, I found roses, chocolates, a bear, a beautiful card and the MJ This Is It! Collector’s DVD on my desk at work today.  I love you, Hubby, and will be your love fool anytime!  XOXO!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valithria Dreamwalker

That’s who’s got next with WKN.  I absolutely love this friggin’ fight although I am still learning the mechanics.  We went in there for the first time last night, and it was quite interesting.  We really get to heal a boss.  This IS indeed the healers’ fight.  Now, if we could just get the DPS to do the right things…

One of our healers said in The Healer’s Channel, “Now we get to blame the DPS for everything.”  Yes, we do!  Try and blame us if you want.  We were doing our fecking job.. LOL.  And stay out of the vapor ring thingies… they will kill you!

Here’s a video Hubby found on WoWWiki!  A little how-to for you!  Enjoy!  (Tips for priests at 2:11.)

WoW Broke Last Night?

I was tanking a pug on my DK last night when suddenly it was like we were suspended in time.  The healer dc’d, and my toon kept looting over and over and over.  I could still chat with the guild, though, but the only way I could log out was to ALT+F4.  My guildmates said they couldn’t trade or anything.  Come to find out the entire realm sort of went kaput.  I am guessing the other realms in our battlegroup did, too.  When I was finally able to get back on, I was back in the dungeon- at the entrance- but all alone with no Emblems of Frost to show for it.  Boo on you, Blizz!

It’s Friday, people!  Let’s get it crunk!  🙂

Happy Raiding,

The Professors Farnsworth and Putricide

My husband wondered out loud last week if Blizz patterned Prof. Putricide after the Professor on Futurama who always says, “Good news, everyone” or “Great news!”  With his look and voice, I think the answer is yes.  WoWWiki makes reference to the similarities, too. (Also talks briefly about him saying “2 oozes, 1 room.”  I’ll let you figure that one out.)

Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth Great News Remix

Professor Putricide

Sure would like to hear his “dying” emote soon!

Happy Raiding!


Do these sunglasses make me look phat?

Double take… wha?

Papa.. paparazzi!

 I have to admit my Ruby Shades made me the center of attention for the five minutes Exanna had them on.  I remember HarisPilton selling them for some insane amount several patches ago- like 2000g maybe?  She no longer carries the item. So when DanityKane found them on the AH for 91g, I scooped them up.  I also noticed another pair for about 5000g.  To sell or not to sell?  I kept them on the DK for about a week and then sent them to Exxy today.

As soon as I put them on, someone running stopped and just had to check me out.  I felt sooooo cool. 


After that, I took them to the AH straightaway and put them up for 4500g- lowest price ATM.  Will they sell?  I am unsure.  I would love to have the extra gold, but even if they don’t sell, I can keep them in my bags or bank, transfer them between toons and be the center of attention whenever I want.

It’s sort of like finding high priced designer clothes at a thrift store, you know?  I got a lot for a little. 

Take a picture honey!  It will last forever!  Smooches!

Happy Raiding!


OMG… Invincible!

Now, I’m not all that crazy about mounts, but this one rocks! I mean I was all excited and stuff when I got Attumen’s Horse in Kara (I looked super cool on it in shadowform at the time), but this is a horse that is a gabillion times better than the Headless Horseman’s mount. “The darn thing has wings!” (Some older female players might remember that line from a commercial 🙂 ) Continue reading