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Burning A Hole In My Bag

So, my basic holy T-10 four-set is done, and now  I have like close to 120Emblems of Frost burning a hole in my backpack.  I will open my bag and just stare at them, wondering, contemplating wtf to do with them.  I know my toons will use them.  There’s no doubt about that; however, the question becomes who then should get them?

Should it be DanityKane the Death Knight whose only purpose when he came into WoW was to help Exanna with herbing, flasks and eventually primordial saronites?  Danity ran all the dailies and weeklies helping out so Exanna could get her crafted items that much faster.  She has been patient, foregoing her own emblems for Exanna.  Should I reward her now by returning the favor?  Is it time to get primos for Danity?

Or is it time to buy badge gear like Gloves of Ambivalence just to see how they perform in ICC?  I like my four-set but it’s got many basic T-10 parts that are not as powerful as I would like them to be; however, I don’t really want to give up any haste.

Maybe it’s time to start a bona fide shadow set.

It could be time to just cash the Frost Emblems in for primos and then liquidate those, but while gold is nice, I don’t know if that is wise.

I wish for several things right now:

  1. The ability to give your emblems to an alt.
  2. The ability to mail said emblems and other items across realms.
  3. The ability to explain to Blizzard that I know passing emblems to an alt seems less challenging, but hey, I only have so much time to get stuff done.  LOL

Until those things happen, I will just sit and stare at my bags.  I remember when people saved upo hundreds of badges for a patch in BC days for the new items that came out when we got the Isle of Quel’Denas- or whatever it was called.  Do you remember all that new gear released in Shatt?  What a frenzy that was when all that finally opened up?  It was like “Running of the Brides” at Filene’s Basement.  “Hey, don’t stand right on top of the darn thing!  We can’t click it that way!”

While I am staring at my bags, I am still staring at my inbox and comments waiting to hear from you, too.  Ahem….  What do you think?

Happy Raiding!


But.. what about our raid schedule?

I read a little about the new Dungeon System in 3.3. No more Daily Heroics… just Daily Dungeons. If we do these dailies as a guild, looks like we will be raiding seven days/week!  It’s like “Woot” and “Oh-my-gosh” all at the same time!  Look at today’s blue post about it…

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