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WKN vs. Festergut: The Video

Check us out in action.¬† If you are looking for Exxy, I am just beyond the Warlock thingy on the right side of your screen! ūüôā¬† This video¬†is from our resident Boomkin’s POV.¬† He¬†is aptly named Boomsin.¬† The music starts to drive me crazy towards the end, but hey!¬† I think we look pretty good!¬† The comment at the end of the video is priceless… Jeff is our GM.¬† Poor thing.

For your viewing pleasure….. Daddy, I did it!

Healing Festergut 25

Wow, getting Festergut down felt so good.¬† He is one HELL of a boss.¬† On 25, main tank healing requires coordination much like the 10-man.¬† We had two MT healers on the 2 tanks.¬† Both were paladins.¬† We also had a disc priest who would help MT and raid heal.¬† The tanks can take up to 9 stacks of Gastric Bloat¬†before switching off.¬† 10 will kill them.¬† I suggest the thrid healer start paying attention to the OT at about 8 stacks on the MT just to make up for anyone else’s slow reaction times.

Our three other healers (me, shammy and druid) held down the raid heals.¬† It’s important that every raid member turn on their /range in DBM.¬† If you get too close to another player, ¬†¬†Vile Gas¬†will run rampant in the raid.¬† It’s pretty gross and has a really cool animation.¬† Nevertheless, it is dangerous.¬† You should make sure your Healbot or Grid has this debuff programmed so you know who has it immediately.¬† I can usually pop a renew on them and keep going as the entire raid is almost always taking damage. FH, FH, FH, GH, CoH, PoM.. rinse, repeat.¬† The raid healing can be intense and fun.

There are those times when he does the   Pungent Blight thing.  The entire raid takes HEAVY DAMAGE- almost to the point of death.  I am still carrying around the Talisman of Resurgence so I used my handy dandy Divine Hymn macro.

/cast Inner Focus
/use Talisman of Resurgence
/cast Divine Hymn 

This is best coordinated with a second priest, who can take the next one.

Periodically during the fight, three ¬†¬†Gas Spores will appear over a random raid member’s head.¬† We had three pre-determined “Collapse Spots” for this.¬† One at melee range on top of the boss.¬† The other two on his left or right.¬† You will have to run to this spot when the spores come out to be “inoculated.”¬† So, good luck having your instant cast heals on CD while you are running to that spot.¬† Renew works just fine, but it does take some time out of your healing routine if you have a bad sense of direction like me. lol

Uncle Fester will go berserk at the five-minute mark.  Our pallies have taken to bubbling themselves as that time approaches so that while the rest of the raid is dead, they were still up doing damage.  Thank goodness for my Glyph of the Spirit of Redemption!  I was able to stay up for about 20 seconds and heal them until Festergut was dead.  It is a good strategy that works well.  I think the last pally died just as the boss did.

This is all I can remember from memory right now.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them here!

Happy Raiding!


Festergut is DEAD!


"Daddy, I did it!"

Festergut 10 Healing

So we downed Festergut on 10 last night.  I even took a picture.  Look!

Daddy.. I did it!

 Healing on this fight takes coordination of the healers. 

 We took two trees and me in there- which is a weird combo in my opinion but it was all we had to work with at the time.  One tree stayed out on the perimeter and healed the raid.  The other tree and I were in melee range healing the two tanks.  The tanks will take many stacks of Gastric Bloat.  Our 2 tanks were taking 9 stacks and then switching off.  10 stacks will cause Gastric Explosion which could wipe the raid.

We did wipe a few times at first, but it was not because of too many stacks.  It was because the other tank healer and I really needed to coordinate our heals so the tanks would not die.

This is the solution we came up with.¬† Once the¬†main tank hit¬†6 stacks, I popped a renew on the¬†off tank.¬† At¬†7 stacks, I popped a PoM and a bubble on the¬†off tank.¬† Then at 8, I went ahead and switched my main heals to him.¬† At 9 stacks, the other healer switched too as soon as the boss’ target changed.¬† And then I repeated the same with the “new” off tank.

This coordination made this fight much easier to handle.   WoWWiki describes healing this fight like this:

This encounter is healing intensive. Healers should be constantly maintaining the health of the active tank, as well as repairing the encounter’s constant area damage from Gaseous Blight, and healing players infected with Vile Gas. It is worth noting that, as Festergut inhales, tank takes more damage while damage to the raid decreases (albeit disproportionately). Healers will need to be flexible as their role may somewhat change depending on the ratio of tank damage as opposed to raid damage.

This is so true as we found out last night.¬† You will have to heal going on anticipated damage.¬† Once you get the “rhythm” of healing down in this fight, it is smooth sailing with a few damage spikes along the way.¬† Just be ready for anything.¬† Because the hits by Uncle Fester and the stacks damage the tanks so quickly, I used an¬†Elixir of Lightning Speed with some of my haste gear¬†just to get my spells to pop off faster.¬† I also used Elixir of Mighty Thoughts, and I did partake in the Fish Feast.¬†

The other “mechanics” of this fight¬†are as you have read on sites like WoWWiki¬†and TankSpot.

If you have any tips, please share!

Happy Raiding!


Back at it Thursday!

Our first night inside of the new ICC wing did not go as we had wished.¬† If you haven’t seen it yet just know that the trash is truly epic.¬† LOL¬† We did get to Festergut, and we had a few wipes.¬† I am thinking we will get him down Thursday once we get the hang of the spores and all that.¬† So, no kill to report, but we will own Plagueworks soon enough.

TIme to get ready for work!  Smooches and Happy Raiding!


“Progressive Progession” To The Lich King

So, Blizz¬†plans on releasing new bosses and wings in Icecrown¬†like a HOT- or if you are addicted to WoW, maybe a DOT is a better way to describe it. We won’t get to fight the Lich King right away!
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"Progressive Progession" To The Lich King

So, Blizz¬†plans on releasing new bosses and wings in Icecrown¬†like a HOT- or if you are addicted to WoW, maybe a DOT is a better way to describe it. We won’t get to fight the Lich King right away!
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