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NOT ONE MARK on Saurfang!

EDITED:  The disc bubble no longer works as described in this post.  Thanks a lot, Blizz.

Wow, I am convinced the discipline priest bubble is the shiz.  Remember I told you that I would run Deathbringer Saurfang as discipline, right?  Well, I did in 25-man, and it helped quite a bit.  Take a look at the guessed absorbs…

I bubbled a lot!

Anyhoo, I went discipline again in the 10-man run tonight.  All I did was bubble my arse off with a few heals thrown in now and then.  Thanks, Soliss and Seca for picking up my slack.  I bubbled every person in the raid over and over and over.  And guess what!?!  We did not get ANY Marks of the Fallen Champion.  Not a one!  Continue reading

Going Discipline…

So, the guild hit a road block on Deathbringer Saurfang last night.  Maybe we have too many ranged (18!), not enough melee.  Maybe it’s the fact that with so many ranged, it’s hard to keep the recommended- and necessary 12 yard distance.  Or maybe the previous “strategy” we used to down him was more luck than anything.  I don’t know, but our resident discipline player has now fallen in love with shadow, and it was decided we needed his dps more than his instant PW:S.

The problem is   Boiling Blood is nothing to play around with.  Without the PW:S on all who get it, the boss gets more  Blood Power– or at least that’s the theory.  And we used a StratFu strategy last night where the ranged was grouped up in twos.  So,   Blood Nova was hitting two people at once thus giving him even more   Blood Power.  I have read different information abut how many points of BP he gets from the de-buffs.  Some say just 1 for BN.. others say 2.  Regardless, we need to figure something out.

If the goal is to keep Saur-puss from hitting 100 Blood Power so he won’t cast   Mark of the Fallen Champion too soon, then it is imperative that we mitigate the damage from these de-buffs.  Holy has too long of a CD on PW:S to be efficient.

Long story short.. I am going to have to go discipline for this fight.  It is a spec I have only ever dabbled in.  So I am guessing people will die?  Oh.My.Gosh!  I hope not.  I am going to read up on this spec and how it works for our Thursday night raid.  If you have any pointers, please feel free!

Happy Raiding!


Healing Deathbringer Saurfang.. Literally

*****UPDATE: Discipline Priest Bubble Works Wonders!*****

No kill to report.. YET.. but I thought I would take the time to open up a dialogue with you about it.  Help Me!

The strats for this fight seem complicated, but once you get in there and start healing, it seems easy… UNTIL Saur-puss starts throwing out Marks of the Fallen Champion. Continue reading