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Come on, Blizz? What gives?

My server just crashed… AGAIN. Seriously, Blizz? LYLAS-and-all, but really? Here I was all camped out ready for another ToGC 25 night, and bam… my game just froze. I don’t get it. I am kind of sad. A guildmate just said on vent, this would be a class-action suit for mental anguish. LOL

I really want them to get this battlegroup outage thing fixed so I can get my Pilgrim title, too. One gnome rogue- which my husband will create- and a run through Sethekk Halls in a Pilgrim outfit, and I am done. Can I at least get that, Blizz? I feel robbed!!!!! I can raid ToGC to infinity but Pilgrim’s Bounty is just once a year!


I did attempt to join the blog party advertised on Zangarmarsh, go! So I created a gnome rogue (so people could turn me into a turkey along the way) and headed up to Ironforge, but by the time my level one waddled all the way up there, I think it was too late. LOL


The Turkinator
If I can get The Turkinator, anyone can. You have to kill 40 turkeys with no more than 30 seconds between each kill. Just eat some Tracker Snacks, and you’ll be fine.