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Healing In Cataclysm

MMO-Champion highlighted a Blizz Blue Post about healing in Catalcysm today, and I found it interesting- and maybe a little confusing even.  The word “efficiency” keeps getting thrown around here.  Blizz says “…efficiency will matter.”  I have to be honest, I may keep an eye on my mana pool, but I don’t really stress about mana too much now.  Continue reading

But.. what about our raid schedule?

I read a little about the new Dungeon System in 3.3. No more Daily Heroics… just Daily Dungeons. If we do these dailies as a guild, looks like we will be raiding seven days/week!  It’s like “Woot” and “Oh-my-gosh” all at the same time!  Look at today’s blue post about it…

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