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Everybody's Talkin'…

..about our T-10 changes.  I will just pick out my fave parts from other bloggers.

Miss Medicina shares my sentiments: “For Holy priests, I think it’s utter crap”

Zusterke- who seems to be everywhere in cyberspace at once- says this: “Looking at the numbers here, I’d have to agree that it will not be an impressive upgrade.”

And Thespius took the comedic approach: “Name something fun, interesting, and awesome that gets replaced by something as mundane as a bowl of rocks?” “The Priest Tier 10 4-piece Set Bonus.”

Mind you.. I picked the comments I agreed with the most- as I am quite upset with Blizz right now.  Quite.

From good ol’ priest-loving’ Blizz  on the PTR Patch Notes for 3.3.3:

Priest Tier-10 4-Piece Healing Set Bonus: Redesigned. This bonus now increases the effectiveness of the caster’s Power Word: Shield and Renew spells by 5%.

Right now, my bonus looks like this, and I like itLOVE IT.  Some of you can call me crazy or dumb even.  I care not.  I mean, I am not a theorycrafter so whatever the numbers say- YOU will have to school me on that; however, I really enjoyed seeing when “Flash Heal!”would proc. 

I have been reading all this stuff, leaving comments in just a few places like:

I sort of like my holy bonus as is. I just started getting used to the “Flash Heal!” proc on my Power Auras- so I was really able to use it as intended; however, it will be interesting to see how this change affects healing. TBH and IMHO, the current badge version is just weak compared to other stuff you can get. I have been tinkering with other badge pieces as wel as the Sanguine Robes, and I think the other stuff has more power regardless of any bonus. I am probably wrong about this, but it’s just what I have seen. So, Blizz, thank for listening to all the crybabies.. but seriously, could we get a buff to our healing in some other way besides a bonus? I want to see some real changes there. This has been the year of the spriest! Give Holy a chance! LOL


I came to really like my holy four set bonus. The trick was knowing exactly when it proc’d. TY, Power Auras! What do I have to say to Blizz? Well, I am guessing the comment policy would not allow it. LOL Anyhoo- I think the whole renew thing is less challenging. I enjoyed getting the random proc- which sometimes proc’d three times to four times in a row- in Prof. Putricide! That would have taken at least 24 seconds without the bonus- so hey, I like the darn thing. I am still learning how to play disc, but I did notice the buff name for the reset is the same (“Flash Heal!”, yes with the exclamation point BTW). My summation? People who did not know how or who did not take time to LEARN how to work the buff have whined so much that Blizz has taken a cool buff away from those of us who figured it out. /mourn

The more I read other posts, and the more comments I drop in other places, the more upset I get.  We will see how this renew thing does for Holy Priests.. and for Disc, too.  I can’t even get used to the Disc bonus on my set before Blizz is talking about yanking it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Blizz.

Happy Raiding!




Come on, Blizz? What gives?

My server just crashed… AGAIN. Seriously, Blizz? LYLAS-and-all, but really? Here I was all camped out ready for another ToGC 25 night, and bam… my game just froze. I don’t get it. I am kind of sad. A guildmate just said on vent, this would be a class-action suit for mental anguish. LOL

I really want them to get this battlegroup outage thing fixed so I can get my Pilgrim title, too. One gnome rogue- which my husband will create- and a run through Sethekk Halls in a Pilgrim outfit, and I am done. Can I at least get that, Blizz? I feel robbed!!!!! I can raid ToGC to infinity but Pilgrim’s Bounty is just once a year!


I did attempt to join the blog party advertised on Zangarmarsh, go! So I created a gnome rogue (so people could turn me into a turkey along the way) and headed up to Ironforge, but by the time my level one waddled all the way up there, I think it was too late. LOL

“Progressive Progession” To The Lich King

So, Blizz plans on releasing new bosses and wings in Icecrown like a HOT- or if you are addicted to WoW, maybe a DOT is a better way to describe it. We won’t get to fight the Lich King right away!
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"Progressive Progession" To The Lich King

So, Blizz plans on releasing new bosses and wings in Icecrown like a HOT- or if you are addicted to WoW, maybe a DOT is a better way to describe it. We won’t get to fight the Lich King right away!
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But.. what about our raid schedule?

I read a little about the new Dungeon System in 3.3. No more Daily Heroics… just Daily Dungeons. If we do these dailies as a guild, looks like we will be raiding seven days/week!  It’s like “Woot” and “Oh-my-gosh” all at the same time!  Look at today’s blue post about it…

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