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FGQ: Frequently "Googled" Question #1

I am adding a new page to answer some of the questions people “ask” the search engines that lead them to this blog.¬† If I know an answer or if I can find it readily, I will answer it on the Frequently “Googled” Questions page. ūüôā¬† The first question I will attempt to answer is right here…

  • How long does it take to get exalted with the Ashen Verdict?

21 hours at the very least.

By my calculations, you get ~973 rep a run in ICC 10 without killing any bosses, and the levels of rep break down like this: 

  • ¬†
    • Friendly 3000
    • Honored 6000
    • Revered 12000
    • Exalted 21000
    • TOTAL: 42000 rep points

That’s a little more than 43 runs.¬† If you have a good group, you can get one run done in about 30 minutes or so.¬† I am no math genius, but I would say expect almost a full day of rep grinding.¬† People on our server have done all night runs and were exalted within days of Patch 3.3 being released.

Happy Raiding!


Primordial Saronite + 2 Hilts

My alt, DanityKane the Death Knight, is serving her life purpose well.¬† Today, she bought Exanna’s first piece of Primordial Saronite.¬† Exanna in turn used it to purchase Pattern: Sandals of Consecration¬†from The Ashen Verdict.¬† Now all I have to do is get all the Primordial Saronite¬†together.¬† I am certain DanityKane will be more than willing to help out.¬† Can’t wait to get my new boots!!!¬† Legswill be next…¬† Both are BiS for holy priests although I am working on the four-set bonus with emblems so Danity will have to be hard at work to help Exxy out.

In Other News…

Papa's Gotta Brand New Hilt... two times!

Papa's gotta brand new hilt.. two times.. on the good foot! Heeeeey!

Hubby and I ran our mains and alts through the new ICC 5-mans yesterday.¬† Believe it or not, we saw The Battered Hilt¬†drop twice in one day!¬† Two different runs but basically in the same area.¬† It was right outside the Bronjahm the Godfather of Souls¬†encounter¬†in the Forge of Souls.¬† Just kill all the trash you see!¬† It is possible to see it drop again and again.¬† We were all pretty impressed.¬† I think one guildie sold his.¬† The other completed the quest and got Quel’Delar, Lens of the Mind.¬† Both are very happy with their luck!

This is a short post as I am at work and about to head out on a story!¬† Until next time…

Happy Raiding!


Proc-alicious: The Video

This is video of what I wrote about in the previous post, “Proc-alicious!”¬† I use the Power Auras add-on to tell me when certain things proc.¬† Here’s¬†a list of what I have programmed:

  • Serendipity: big blue box
  • Ashen Verdict Ring proc: white half-circle
  • Talisman of Resurgence proc: “POWER”

If you go to fullscreen you can see the numbers better.¬† I also use Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text add-on.


Let me just say that Ashen Band of Unmatched Wisdom¬†+ Talisman of Resurgence=WIN.¬† I finally grinded my Ashen Verdict rep up to “Revered,” and the new ring comes with a sweet arse proc!¬† It’s well worth the hours of killing trash over and over and over.¬† I can’t wait to get the “Exalted” ring.

OMG.. Proc!

Some guildies and I ran all three ICC five-mans today, and I noticed some crazy scrolling text about my ring.  My other procs all have names.  For example, my trinket procs Hospitality on use or I can get Serendipity or Surge of Light, but the ring procs this:

Continue reading

Ashen Verdict, Battered Hilt, & Lady Deathwhisper

Well, it looks like Ashen Verdict rep remains the same in 25-man ICC, and that’s good news.¬† There were rumors/talk Blizz could nerf it since people continued to farm trash over and over for rep.¬† We went in there last night, and the numbers looked much the same.

Also, after nerfing the drop rate of The Battered Hilt, Blizz decided to increase the drop rate in all three new ICC five-mans this week.  Yay!  Continue reading

Ashen Verdict nerf?

What is this I am hearing?  I think I may cry.  At least I got my honored ring: Ashen Band of Greater Wisdom

If it is nerfed, it will be a long way to exalted.. as if it weren’t long enough already.¬† I am guessing if this does happen, it will join The Battered Hilt¬†in nerfage!¬† Those things hardly even drop anymore.¬† Probably worth at least 30k now!

Great First Week In 3.3!

So far, so good for Exanna in Patch 3.3.¬† In less than a week, she’s been able to secure three super nice items.

The shoulders dropped off some ICC 25 trash.  I was able to buy the ring after farming my Ahsen Verdict rep up to friendly, and the weapon came from The Battered Hilt which dropped in the Halls of Reflection five-man to open up the Quel’delar quest chain.

I am a happy priest!  Continue reading