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Anub Still Lives, But On The Upside…

…I got a new laptop, and I have never ever ever ever had such a smooth raid.  Low latency.  No lag.  Smooth moves.  It was awesome not to lock up, ya know?

As I said, I did not buy a gaming pc.  /dream

I got a Gateway NV52… something about 64bit, ATI Graphic Card 3200, 320 GGB HDD and 4 GB of memory.  It is nice, and it is my Christmas-come-early.

Sort of bummed about Anub.  6%!  But with the patch dropping tomorrow, everyone’s mind is elsewhere.  I hope Patch 3.3 isn’t as “buggy” as Anub!

I have to admit, I am so very excited.  Hubby and I are trying to figure out where to start.  The Quel’dalar quest line for the wep, Hammer of Purified Flame?   I want to work on Ashen Verdict; however, the only questline available is Shadowmourne.  I will have to wait to get into a dungeon or raid to get some rep.

The bad news for me is I have to work a very, very long day.  So Day One of 3.3 already looks like it is escaping me.  I wish all of you the best in the new patch.  WoW Head has a very good guide.  Check it out!

Holy Nova, Batman! The bug is gonna blow!

Remember when we talked about committing Priesticide on Heroic Anub’arak 10? Well, I never really got to try it tonight; however, I will say, with the Glyph of Spirit of Redemption, my ghost stays up for quite a long time!

We tried the Holy Nova trick thus, me never really dying, and it worked better than what we did last week.  We all sort of group up behind the boss, and I don’t really spam Holy Nova.  I watch the raid’s health and hit it as needed.   It also does a little damage to the scarab.  Of course, with adds up, someone has to keep spamming the tanks.   I try to keep hots on them and Guardian Spirit, but the other two healers keep dying from the adds.  (We have not ventured ito two healing it yet!)

We got the scarab down to 7%!  That’s quite an improvement from 10%… um… yeah.  But still, I think we will get him tomorrow night.  He has to die at some point, and his death might as well be BEFORE the predicted drop date of Patch 3.3.

The only problem is Penetrating Cold, for which Bob Turkey suggests:

As holy i’d probably FH one person with Penetrating Cold, FH the other then PoH the non-tank group. Finally CoH the lowest person in the tank group and PoM the next lowest person.. Or something like that.

I’ve been doing some of that in previous attempts, and it seems the Penetrating Cold is really getting to us.  We will see…

Wish us luck!

Happy Raiding!


Priest-icide… FTW!

So, I was looking at Doug’s suggestion the other day about healing Phase 3 of Anub’arak in Spirit of Redemption form.   Doug wrote:

 A Holy “trick” you can pull is to intentionally let yourself “die” and finish out the fight in Spirit of Redemption form, tossing Guardian Spirit on the tank as it expires.

So, I figure if I use Glyph of Spirit of Redemption for this fight, then I could “live” for an extra 21 seconds without fear of “dying.”  I could just concentrate on healing and hopefully not get sweaty palms. Continue reading

Priest Healing Trial of the Crusader Part Four


Ahh, Anub’arak.  I really don’t know where to start- mainly because we are STILL trying to down the bloody bugger in the heroic 10 version.  10 and 25 regular?  Not a problem at all.  But in hero 10- we got the filthy scarab down to 10-frickin-% last night. 


Anyhoo.. now that I have vented about hero versions of bugs I can’t stand, I will talk to you about the regular versions who die on a weekly basis.  If you are looking for previous bosses are found at these links: Northrend Beasts, Jaraxxus and Faction Champs, Twin Val’kyr. Continue reading

Priest Healing Trial of the Crusader Part Three

We are now on the Twin Val’kyr.  You can find the Northrend Beasts here and Lord Jaraxxus here.

Twin Val’kyr

This fight confuses me most of the time, but I usually start off with the Dark Essence.  Of course, tehre are times when I start off with Light Essence.  It all depends on my assignment.  I do not change unless DBM- or a very knowledgeable raid leader- tells me to do so.  Continue reading

Update: We are getting close

After several more wipes in ToGC 25, my ToGC 10 group worked on Anub’arak.  Got him down to 27%.  We actually saw the Leeching Swarm this time!  That’s progress.  Yay!  G’night!

Scarabs Suck

I feel the need to  mention how much I hate Anub’arak on Trial of the Grand Crusader 10.  In our ToGC 25, we got our first kill on the Beasts just last week.  So we won’t be seeing him there anytime soon; however, both of our 10-man groups are OH.CO.CLOSE!

Last night, we got him to 37%… and the mofo burrowed on us! Continue reading