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Merrymaker Exanna

Merrymaker Exanna

Just an update post about my title chase.  I am Merrymaker Exanna now!  Ho, Ho. Ho!

Also, please read the next post about Deathbringer Suarfang and leave your tips about healing this fight! That would make me super merry!

Happy Raiding!



Exanna The Pilgrim

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Well, the server finally came back up last night, bt I had to wait until this morning to get the final pieces to my Pilgrim’s Bounty puzzle. Hubby made a gnome rogue while I got one last Turkey Shooter. After shooting him, he logged on his main- a lvl 80 pally- and we headed to Sethekk Halls. I donned my best pilgrim outfit to defeat Talon King Ikiss, and voila! I got my title! I love titles. I don’t care too much about other achievements, but the holiday events are pretty sweet to me.

The Turkinator
After the server did come back up, someone offered to pay me in gold to get The Turkinator for them. Getting that on a different class of toon was difficult for me, but I did it, and he was grateful. My wrists hurt when I was done, LOL, but at least he gets his Pilgrim title, too