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OMG… Invincible!

Now, I’m not all that crazy about mounts, but this one rocks! I mean I was all excited and stuff when I got Attumen’s Horse in Kara (I looked super cool on it in shadowform at the time), but this is a horse that is a gabillion times better than the Headless Horseman’s mount. “The darn thing has wings!” (Some older female players might remember that line from a commercial 🙂 ) Continue reading

The Patch Fund, the Distribution of Primordial Saronite, and a Poll

Here, piggy, piggy, piggy!Running around with 81 Flasks of Frost Wyrm in my bags (you know, just in case I run out), I decided I would sell a few to go towards my “Patch Fund.”  They seem to be selling well.

It was hard to part with them though.  I mean, I should have joined the Horde because I “hoard” a lot of stuff.  I know, I know…  same sound, different meaning- almost homonymic but not quite. 

My tailor hoards cloth for recipes.  My alchemist hoards raw gems just in case I get something new.  I used to keep abyss crystals at my disposal, but I finally decided to start selling them or making weapon enchants.  All for the “Patch Fund.”  Continue reading