Priest Healing Guide: Trial of the Crusader

*this “guide” was published over four days in November 2009.  You can find the original posts along the reader comments at the bottom of this page.  I think the comments will be helpful to you! Check ’em out.  🙂 Happy Raiding, Exxy! 

I’ve been seeing a lot of searches for the title of this post. While I do not claim to be an expert, I’ve been healing the 10 and 25-regular of this for months and months.  I have done 10 and 25 heroic for while, too.  More success in hero 10 than 25 hero though- LOL. 

Anyway.. I figured I would walk you through what I do during the fights.  Gormak, the worms and Icehowl are up first! 

Northrend Beasts: Gormak

The priests usually start out levitating all the ranged toons.  This mitigates the fire bombs and works especially well in hero (due to the nasty tick the fire bomb leaves behind.)  No fire damage equals better survival.  I also try to re-levitate toons when the levitate wears off.  I programmed my mouse to shift+mouse wheel to re-levitate quickly.  I am usually assigned to raid heals.  So I keep renew, PW:S and PoM on the tanks.  I try to hit CoH along with PoM if necessary (they are both on ~6 second CD), especially when Gormak does his stomp on melee.  Please see the My Healing Style post about my Serendipity rotation. 

Of course, getting snobolled! sucks.  So just try to Renew or Binding Heal your way through it.  Hopefully, the dps won’t too long to get it off you. 

Northrend Beasts: Big Worms

Healers usually try to stay in the middle of the circle there, so that when you get the green poison (I forget what it is called), the tank or whoever can run by and cleanse the ranged almost immediately.  I just heal like regular paying close attention to those with the debuff.  Pop a HoT on them and keep going. 

Northrend Beasts: Icehowl

I use the same healing style for the most part, except you mught want to keep a close eye on Deadly Boss Mods for the Massive Crash countdown.  Make sure your back is facing the wall while healing so that you can strafe once you hit the wall.  Also, BEFORE the Massive Crash, pop a renew on as many people as possible- including YOU.  Bubble them, too, if possible.  This will really help in heroic when the crash truly is MASSIVE. I posted this before, but here it goes again.  

Divine Hymn Macro
We ran with two priests tonight: 1 holy (me) and 1 disc. We took turns “singing” our Divine Hymn after the Massive Crashes to heal up the raid.. I took the first one. He took the second. I made a simple macro that casts Inner Focus, then uses my Talisman of Resurgence trinket BEFORE casting the Divine Hymn. Seems like a lot of time to do it, but the macro makes it easy. One touch, and it’s all done. Really nice heals for the duration of the spell. I choose to use Inner Focus because DH takes 63% of your base mana. It costs me a nice chunk at 2068 mana. Here is the macro: 

/cast Inner Focus
/use Talisman of Resurgence
/cast Divine Hymn 


“Trifling gnome..  You face Jaraxxus!” 

The raid leader usually spreads us out in groups of two around the star’s points on the floor and tanks the guy in the middle.  I turn on /range to make sure I am not close to anyone but my partner.  I PoM the tank, bubble and renew him- trying to refresh them as needed.  Whenever someone gets the Legion Flame or Incinerate Flesh debuff, I can either pop a renew or over heal them.  CoH and Serendipity PoH can be your friend here, too, especially if the tanks are indeed in one group.  We usually have two other tanks on the infernals and sisters, so I like to keep a renew and an eye on them.  You will be called on to dispel Nether Power off the boss.  DBM will warn you about that.  Most mages try to spell steal it a few times before you do.  Sometimes, my dispel misses, but I am thinking one of the other cleansers gets it off, too. 

On Heroic, we have not successfully downed him yet, but here’s what I can tell you from what I have seen.  Keep a shadow spell hot keyed on your bar for the Mistress’ Kiss.  I prefer SW:P.   As soon as she kisses you, you must use a spell outside of your spec/school to get rid of it.  You cannot heal again until you do!  Also, don’t forget FADE is your FRIEND.  lol  And when the portals come out, I do like to throw a DoT on it- IF and only IF the raid’s health is in good shape. 

Faction Champs

Hmmm.  This is a fight that will change every week depending on what NPC’s you get.  I used to be the priest that Mass Dispelled.  That was my job, but now we have a pally tank who will cleanse until his fingers fall off.  This frees me up to heal.  The only thing different is that you need to have Every Man For Himself hotkeyed.  You can also wear a trinket to get out of movement impairing spells.  You will also have to scream frequently as assigned by the RL.. or as needed by you.  Again, remember FADE is your FRIEND.  Those things get on you, they don’t want to get off.  They don’t really have an aggro table.  So, use every heal you have at your disposal.  Instant cast spells are good as you will have to move a lot.  These include PoM, CoH, and renew.  If you can get off to the side where no one- including that darn rogue- will notice you, I suggest pre-emptive heals based on the FH,FH,FH,POH formula found here.  Follow up with a quick CoH and PM to whoever is taking damage.  The PoM will bounce through a few people unless you see the need to pop it again as soon as the CD is up. 

I have not yet ventured into 25 man heroic.  10 man heroic is pretty sweet.  Nothing spectacular that I can think of to report to you right now.  Just heal your ass off.  This fight can be unpredictable due to the fact, the NPC’s can always be different.  What is predictable is the NPC’s behavior once on the floor.  It’s best to dispel the bubbles that pop up as well as Bloodlust- always!  DBM will warn you about that. 

Twin Val’kyr

This fight confuses me most of the time, but I usually start off with the Dark Essence.  Of course, tehre are times when I start off with Light Essence.  It all depends on my assignment.  I do not change unless DBM- or a very knowledgeable raid leader- tells me to do so.  DBM will usually flash as a raid warning “Change Color.”  You will usually get this as a boss begins casting Dark Vortex or when you get hit with the Touch of Light or Touch of Darkness debuff.  These debuffs will hit random members and start ticking damage.  You can heal through them.  Just make sure you have that debuff programmed in Grid or Healbot so you can see it quickly.  Some groups would rather heal through it than have the DPS running off to click an essence. 

I am either assigned raid heal or tank heal.  Either way, you have to stay mobile to avoid orbs.  I usually start off dark and then go stand by the light portal to wait for the switch.  And then, once the switch does happen, I run back to the dark portal (with the speed buff form the Body and Soul talent) using any instant cast I have at my disposal to keep the raid and tanks up. 

As I said earlier, you have to dodge opposite color orbs.  I usually pop a renew and a PW:S on myself so I can concentrate on the others.  Don’t forget Binding Heal will help a lot here.  You may also find your self using your AoE heals quite a bit as the raid’s health starts ticking down immediately. 

Of course, this all depends on which strategy you are using.  If you are all standing in the doorway to avoid all orbs, this fight can be very intense for healers.  I mean seriously intense!  We have done it successfully in my 10-man group only once.  That takes massive group heals during the vortex!  I like to save my Divine Hymn for then.  If by chance you have another priest, they can take the second and just pray there is not a third. 

The best advice I can give for any fight is to remain Raid Aware. LOL.  Simple but true and very valuable here.  There are a lot of things to deal with in Trial of the Crusader.  Who knew Blizz would incorporate dodge ball into a boss fight?  Wait until we get to Anub’arak.  It’s like playing tag with a big scarab.  That final boss fight in Trial of the Crusader is up next. 


Ahh, Anub’arak.  I really don’t know where to start- mainly because we are STILL trying to down the bloody bugger in the heroic 10 version.  10 and 25 regular?  Not a problem at all.  But in hero 10- we got the filthy scarab down to 10-frickin-% last night.  


Anyhoo.. now that I have vented about hero versions of bugs I can’t stand, I will talk to you about the regular versions who die on a weekly basis.  If you are looking for previous bosses are found at these links: Northrend Beasts, Jaraxxus and Faction Champs, Twin Val’kyr. 

As usual, I PoM the boss tank.  I may even bubble him if I feel like being nice.   There isn’t any immediate raid-wide damage.  So if I am raid healing, I just keep an eye on the tank(s).  But then fun debuffs like Penetrating Cold will hit random people.  Pop a renew on them and FH.  Of course, whenever you get three stacks of Serendipity pop up, by all means use a GH or PoH if necessary.  Cast whatever heal you think is best for the situation.  Just… don’t go AFK. 

Burrow Phase

When Anub burrows, the fight gets kicked up a notch.  He will target players one at a time, chasing them with pursuing spikes.  We all meet in the middle after Anub burrows, and then run the opposite direction of the person who is targeted.  As for healing, I like to run around like a chicken with my head cut off, popping renew and PW:S on anyone I can hit.  This will help because there are these little swarm scarabs that will attach themselves to anyone they can find, leaving a stacking debuff behind.  It hurts… bad.  They have killed me many times.  It helps when a tank can gather them up and take care of them that way.  That doesn’t always happen, so like all good boy and girl scouts, be prepared. 

As for kiting the spikes, I usually try to hit PW:S on myself and anyone who is being pursued.  I have the Body and Soul talent, so it gives a nice speed boost.  Now, you could aggro dump and Fade.. however, he’s just going to target someone else immediately.  That ain’t cool- really.  Only use that if you have to.  My advice is try to outrun him if you can.  In heroic versions, if he doesn’t change targets on his own or if you aggro dump, he just gets faster and faster until he hits ice.  With only 6 ice patches on hero, you kind of want to avoid having to use it. 

By the time this phase is over, there will be a lot of people with debuffs on them.  So heal them up as quickly as you can.  If you’re lucky, you will only have one burrow phase. 

Leeching Swarm

This part of the fight leaves me frenzied on heroic.  OMG.. Sweaty Palms. 

When Anub hits 30%, he will begin this parasitical give and take with the raid.  You giveth health to the raid.  Anub taketh it away.  WowWiki describes it thusly: 

At 30% Anub’arak releases a swarm of insects that attack the caster’s enemies, leeching 10% (Hard Mode 30%) of each target’s CURRENT (not maximum) health every 1 second. A minimum of 250 health will be leeched. 

You will see the raid’s health drop hard and fast.  But here is the challenge.  You can’t heal the raid up more than 50% because if you do, he just gains that health while you are still trying to DPS- thus the “leeching” part of the thing.  He wants to suck your blood.  So, your goal is to keep the raid up but not too much because you’re essentially healing Anub, too. So what to do? 

In regular, this is simple.  Most every healer should focus on the tank- or tanks if an add is still up.  I just throw everything I can at the tank, and if I see someone get too low, I pop a PoM on them which bounces through the raid healing people in need- and trust me most are in desperate need of a heal or two.  When I hear the Blizz ”omg-you-are-dying-beep,” I pop PoM on myself.  Sometimes renew will work well, especially with the Triumph four-set

Individual Page Links w/Comments 

Northrend Beasts 

Jaraxxus and Faction Champs 

Twin Val’kyr 


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  1. I know this place is old but if healers still run it and you use grid get the add on from cused called “penetrator”. Basically this will put an icon on the frames of all people who have penetrating cold and what stage the tick is in. VERY useful for p3…saves a lot of headaches. 🙂


  2. Posted by exanna on December 28, 2009 at 10:48 am

    Yes, Healbot will do this as well. If your version of Healbot doesn’t cue you, then add “Penetrating Cold” to the Custom Debuff section under Cures.


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