Which piece of T-10 should my holy priest get first?

I am going to answer this by saying it’s a matter of what you need and want.  For me personally, I went with the shoulders first and will purchase the gloves next as I am anxious to give the two-set bonus a try- even if the gloves are not the token version.  Both items are “cheap” at just 60 Emblems of Frost each.  However, keep in mind, the new VoA boss may drop the hands, legs and chest much like the previous ones so you may get lucky in there.  I would hate to spend my badges in vain!

You might also want to run your toon through the RAWR optimizer (which requires a download) or check out where MaxDPS ranks the gear to help you figure out what you need the most.

My plan is to go for the two-set with the hands and shoulders first.  I have already decided that I will not be using the T-1o legs as the tailored Lightweave Leggings are supposed to be BiS.  That leaves me to get the four-set bonus at some point using the head and chest which cost 95 Emblems of Frost for the first level and then a token plus the item for the second level. 

Keep in mind though, there are other non-tier items you can buy with the Emblems of Frost.  These are  are very nice, too.  Ermine Coronation Robes are ranked BiS according to MaxDPS.com.  Gloves of Ambivalence are nice, too, but with minimal differences in HPS between those and the tier sets.

And one last thing, please don’t forget that you cannot purchase the token versions of the T-1o without having the regular Emblem version first.  Depending on how your guild distributes them, you don’t want to get left out of the token gear.

Soon enough, there will be more badges than you can imagine piling up in your bags.  Take your time choosing your gear and make informed decisions.  You may not need the tier right now.  Your biggest upgrade could be the Emblem cloak or belt.  I might actually look at the other items before going for the four-set bonus myself.   Good Luck!

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