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Easily Defiled but Not Broken

I haven’t posted much of anything lately, but I had a quick break and figured I would share what helped me make it through the Lich King and all his Defiles.  And for those who haven’t killed him yet, I hope my tips will help you and your guild make it through.  I think I got like three of those Defile things last night- and I didn’t wipe the raid!  It’s a miracle!  LOL

I remember writing more than a month ago that this fight and the Defiles was all about pre-moving.  I still believe this is true, but let me take you step by step of how I deal with this phase of the fight.  TankSpot is spot on when the guide says, “Phase 2 is all about handling defiles and proper slows.”  To avoid wiping the raid (fingers crossed everytime) and possibly being docked DKP, I did the following: Continue reading

That VuhDo That You Do

So, my Healbot broke three weeks ago.  It was there one minute in a raid and then gone the next.  I tried to get rid of it and re-download it, but I just couldn’t get it to work on my PC.  Unfortunately, I was going into another raid at the time.   Luckily, I still had VuhDo in my add-ons.  I tried it out once at the behest of my friend Soliss the Shaman.  She seemed to like it.  I, however, did not so I disabled it.  Thank goodness I did not delete it because it was all I had to heal.  (Yeah, the rudimentary healing thing never really worked out.)

Yeah, um, Exxy, you were supposed to HEAL him.

I’ve been using VuhDo ever since, and I have to say it’s okay.  I am slowly figuring out how to make it do what I want it to do, and it does some things better than Healbot.  I am really liking the way it keeps tracks of missing buffs or how it counts down my bubble.

People who read this or know me are well aware how much I LOVE Healbot, but I had to let it go.  I don’t know why it stopped working for me.  Other people have said it works just fine for them.  The raid frames just do not exist anymore on my ‘puter.

So, now I am on to Vuhdo.  Maybe you should try it, too.

Download it here: VuhDo

Happy Raiding!


We made an angry poo poo

Yes, tonight we finally killed Rotface.  Seemed like an easy boss after we got used to the fight, but it is like fighting Grobby on crack or something.  We wiped quite a bit just learning the fight, but we got it down.  After a quick braggadocios picture, I will tell you how.


As a holy priest, I was assigned to raid heal and OT with a tree and a shammy.   Two pally healers took the MT.  Our disc priest was focused on healing those with Mutated Infection.  You should add this de-buff to your Healbot or Grid if it is not already there; however, the pally off-tank cleansed these- NOT the healers.  The only reason you might want to have these programmed is so you can heal them through the damage taken.

The raid takes minimal damage if they are agile enough to avoid Rotface’s Slime Spray, but people will get hit by it.  Just heal them up and keep going.  Things get a little hectic when 5 little oozes being kited around the room come together and then explode.  If left unorganized, people will run haywire to the walls to get away.  Folks who get hit will most  likely die.  Your CoH, PoH and Divine Hymn will work nicely here.

This is a basic rinse and repeat fight until Rotface is dead; however, I like to pop a PW:S on those who get Mutated Infection because I am spec’d into Body and Soul which gets them to the outer ring that much faster.  It’s just a personal preference for me; however, the disc priest bubble works wonders with thet de-buff!  So, if you have a disc priest, use it.

Any of you guys and gals out there who have any suggestions on this fight feel free to leave them here!

UncleFester Add-On

I tried this add-on tonight in out 10-man.  It actually tells the people with spores where to go during the fight.  It seemed to work well.  In 25-mans, we have one person calling out where to go.  This add-on does it automatically without any human thought process involved- which can be good and bad.  What’s really crazy/super/weird/fantastic, is that if you have an add-on called MoveItMoveIt, it will put an arrow on your screen telling you which way to run.  Suh-weet!  Hate to dumb down the raid, but some people never get up anyway…. just kidding!  🙂

You can find UncleFester and MoveItMoveIt on  I am still testing this one out.. so stay tuned.

Happy Raiding!


P.S. About that “angry poo poo?”  That’s a Rotface emote.  LOL  And trust me.. it must be very angry as violent as it is.

Healing Festergut 25

Wow, getting Festergut down felt so good.  He is one HELL of a boss.  On 25, main tank healing requires coordination much like the 10-man.  We had two MT healers on the 2 tanks.  Both were paladins.  We also had a disc priest who would help MT and raid heal.  The tanks can take up to 9 stacks of Gastric Bloat before switching off.  10 will kill them.  I suggest the thrid healer start paying attention to the OT at about 8 stacks on the MT just to make up for anyone else’s slow reaction times.

Our three other healers (me, shammy and druid) held down the raid heals.  It’s important that every raid member turn on their /range in DBM.  If you get too close to another player,   Vile Gas will run rampant in the raid.  It’s pretty gross and has a really cool animation.  Nevertheless, it is dangerous.  You should make sure your Healbot or Grid has this debuff programmed so you know who has it immediately.  I can usually pop a renew on them and keep going as the entire raid is almost always taking damage. FH, FH, FH, GH, CoH, PoM.. rinse, repeat.  The raid healing can be intense and fun.

There are those times when he does the   Pungent Blight thing.  The entire raid takes HEAVY DAMAGE- almost to the point of death.  I am still carrying around the Talisman of Resurgence so I used my handy dandy Divine Hymn macro.

/cast Inner Focus
/use Talisman of Resurgence
/cast Divine Hymn 

This is best coordinated with a second priest, who can take the next one.

Periodically during the fight, three   Gas Spores will appear over a random raid member’s head.  We had three pre-determined “Collapse Spots” for this.  One at melee range on top of the boss.  The other two on his left or right.  You will have to run to this spot when the spores come out to be “inoculated.”  So, good luck having your instant cast heals on CD while you are running to that spot.  Renew works just fine, but it does take some time out of your healing routine if you have a bad sense of direction like me. lol

Uncle Fester will go berserk at the five-minute mark.  Our pallies have taken to bubbling themselves as that time approaches so that while the rest of the raid is dead, they were still up doing damage.  Thank goodness for my Glyph of the Spirit of Redemption!  I was able to stay up for about 20 seconds and heal them until Festergut was dead.  It is a good strategy that works well.  I think the last pally died just as the boss did.

This is all I can remember from memory right now.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them here!

Happy Raiding!



New Guide Coming Soon

I will start working on a Priest Healing Guide for Icecrown very soon.  I just need to get comfortable enough with what I am doing on the various bosses before I pass anything along.  When I wrote the ToC25 Guide, I was at the point that I knew it like the back of my hand.  In fact, I could probably recite it to you right now, but I won’t. 🙂  Just click the link if you need to. 


Now I can pug in a pug with my pug

Meet Pugnahstee, pronounced puge-nah-STEE. I call her Nasty for short.

I got “Pugnahstee” today, and I am so proud of her.  She is much more well behaved than my RL dog who does the boot scootin’ boogie herself from time to time, too.  Anyone with a small dog knows the results of that are not always nice and do not smell all that great!  “Nasty” does this periodically in public but at least we don’t have to smell the “end” result!  So, welcome to the family, “Nasty”!


Festergut 25 Tonight

Back on Uncle Fester tonight.  Seeing him go down in 10-man and taking the healing strategy from there and applying it tonight should help out a bit.  I look forward- oh boy do I- to reporting a kill later tonight.  Wish us well, will you, please? 

OMG.. Shout Out!

So I was poking around the web and realized Mike Schramm mentioned my Oculus post on his blog.  Woot!  Mike, if you ever come back by here… thanks a bunch.  I got some new eyes this week thanks to you.  Mike Schramm wrote for and recently moved over to Joystiq  .  You can find his blog here.  Of course, all the new people already knew that, right? 🙂 

Speaking of The Oculus

Since my initial post, I gave The Big O a try, and now that we are so OP, it’s not so bad.  You still need to have someone in the group who knows what the heck to do!  As for the reward at the end?  I have seen a pug get the mount only once, and I get some nice gems that my DK can transmute to epics.  So how did I feel when it was over?  I still feel empty inside, but my pockets, i.e. bags, are fatter for it.  So it’s all good.  I seem to get dumped into The Oculus daily now.  It’s like Blizzard is playing a cruel joke on me.. and all the others who hate it.  After a while, I will know it like the back of my hand, and it won’t hurt so bad.  I think the reward bag has helped a lot though.  None of the folks in my groups have dropped yet.  Congrats, Blizz, you win. 

My DK Can Tank Now

I did it.  I made the ultimate melee leap by officially making DanityKane tank.  She did four or five instances yesterday, and I must say: I did ok.  I need to work on the NPC’s that occasionally get away.  As a healer, I know how BAD that can be, but the people I ran with were very complimentary.  Hubby went with me on a few runs so he could take over in case I screwed up royally.  I tanked UK, UP, Nexus and something else, and they all went surprisingly well.  So now, there is an extra tank in guild for people who seem to get stuck in the LFG queue.  Luckily, Blizzard has made it easy to gear up in T-9 quickly with all the Emblems of Triumph we get now.  Thanks! 

Gear Score Add-Ons

Speaking of which…  I keep hearing trade chatter of people LFM with a minimum gear score requirement.  Some want WoW-Heroes scores.  Others are using a frickin’ add-on to basically count you out before you can even say, “Mother, may I?” I say this because it happened to DPS DanityKane this past week.  I was looking to get in a trash run for ICC, and the RL told me to come to Krasus Landing “So we can talk a bit.”  He only wanted to run my toon through his GS machine.  LOL.  “Sorry,we’re looking for minimum 4500.”  I think I am right below that.    DanityKane has been on ICC trash runs before as DPS.  She holds her own.  LOL.  I know, I know.  I got over it, and I understand completely! 

 So I went to check one of these add-ons out.  (This link refuses to work!) It has a very interesting set up, but I say people can have all the best gear in the world and still not know how to play.  I can also tell you from personal experience that people with low gear scores may do better than you think.   I am curious to read what you guys think about this. 

Last But Not Least

Check out BobTurkey’s 3.3 holy priest gear list.  Sweet! 

Happy Raiding!


Rudimentary Healing

I guess you could call it “Old School Healing.”  “Healing Without A Crutch”.. sans Healbot and Grid.  The thought of it freaks me out, and I am actually embarrassed to admit it.

But I have been faced with this twice this week, and I have failed miserably. 

Continue reading

A survey for healers

I saw this on Bob Turkey’s blog and tracked it back to Miss Medicina.  All the other healers who have done it made for interesting reading. So here are my answers to the questions.   Her instructions were to answer the same questions on your blog.  And post who you got it from and who you are sending it to.  I don’t really have any friends in the blogosphere yet.. so I guess you- whoever you may be- will have to do!

  • What is the name, class, and spec of your primary healer? Exanna, Holy Priest
  • What is your primary group healing environment? (i.e. raids, pvp, 5 mans) 25 mans and 10 mans mostly
  • What is your favorite healing spell for your class and why? I love Divine Hymn because it’s quite remarkable to me!  I wish I could use it more often, but I guess that would be cheating and make healing boring.
  • What healing spell do you use least for your class and why? Just plain old “Heal.”  I never put it in my Healbot or on my UI.
  • Continue reading