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Easily Defiled but Not Broken

I haven’t posted much of anything lately, but I had a quick break and figured I would share what helped me make it through the Lich King and all his Defiles.  And for those who haven’t killed him yet, I hope my tips will help you and your guild make it through.  I think I got like three of those Defile things last night- and I didn’t wipe the raid!  It’s a miracle!  LOL

I remember writing more than a month ago that this fight and the Defiles was all about pre-moving.  I still believe this is true, but let me take you step by step of how I deal with this phase of the fight.  TankSpot is spot on when the guide says, “Phase 2 is all about handling defiles and proper slows.”  To avoid wiping the raid (fingers crossed everytime) and possibly being docked DKP, I did the following: Continue reading

Kingslayer, Baby!


Lich King Ain't Got Nuthin' On Me!


So… I been out of pocket… absent.. hiding… working.. chilling.. relaxing… whatever you want to call it.. I have been “away.”  And I have enjoyed it.

Last time I wrote anything, I was the GM of my own guild <OMG Priest>, and I was running the pug-nastiest of pugs.  I had fun, but I got recruited.  Yeeeeesssss, I got recruited to join the guild some of my old guildies went to- almost to the point of it being peer pressure to join.  (I’m glad they like me enough to do that!).  So I joined, and this is my first week raiding with them- and all I can say is, “Wow.”

Blood Queen Lana'thel- DOWN!

Prof Put DOWN!

Sindragosa.. DOWN!

Three ‘chieves… one night.  And all on my bday!  It was a great night for me.  I am soooo close to seeing the Lich King.  I get excited just thinking about it.
BTW- The four-set change is fine with me.  I just haven’t had time to tell you that.  So far, so good.
Happy Raiding!
p.s. This ain’t no April Fool’s joke.  Armory me.  This guild sort of rocks.. ok they “rocks-a-lot!”

Nice Work

Plagueworks 10... down!

The guild has a new strat that was employed this week in 25-man.  We got him down to about 9% in 25.  Tonight in 10-man, we got him down to ZERO!  Sweet!  I should add that the 10-mans here in my new guild have had him down since January.. LOL.  So this is MY first Prof. Pute kill. 🙂  I think he will die in 25-man soon.

Happy Raiding!


Princes Down!

Ahh, success is so sweet after so much bitter failure.  We got the Blood Prince Council down tonight!  Thank you, Doug, for your advice.  We still used the pally tank on the orbs, but we had the hunter pet tank the balls.  Also, while some strats say you can’t really position for the fight, we put one ranged and one healer on each point on the floor.  It’s about 12-13 yards apart.  Whenever the Empowered Vortex hit, the ranged would run out, the heals would stay put.  It cut down on incoming damage considerably.

I am incredibly proud of the guild tonight.  We worked hard, listened to each other’s ideas and got it done.  Congrats, WKN!

And we 'cheiven!


Woot!  I look HOT!

Still trying to figure out how to make it work, but I did notice that I now get a Circle of Healing every three seconds.  Damn, that’s hot.  I also got Greatcloak of the Turned Champion and Sanguuine Silk Robe.  I really need the haste boost on the robe which means I will have to break my four-set occasionally depending on the fight.

Tonight was a good night overall- not just because of the loot- but because of the KILL.  OMG.. NEXT!

Happy Raiding!

P.S. I have two potential co-podcasters with me on the discipline priest lesson.  I will be getting with them soon!  Smooches!


WKN vs. Festergut: The Video

Check us out in action.  If you are looking for Exxy, I am just beyond the Warlock thingy on the right side of your screen! 🙂  This video is from our resident Boomkin’s POV.  He is aptly named Boomsin.  The music starts to drive me crazy towards the end, but hey!  I think we look pretty good!  The comment at the end of the video is priceless… Jeff is our GM.  Poor thing.

For your viewing pleasure….. Daddy, I did it!

Unstuck.. for now.

We finally got Rotface down again last night, and I enjoyed reading X and Doug’s comments on yesterday’s “We Stuck” post.  Love it!

It would be nice though if you could use an in-game unstuck button on the bosses.  That button would simultaneously make every raider perform at the top of their game while also clearing vent as soon as someone opens their mouth to say something dumb. LOL  It would be a precog type button.

Anyhoo- we got him down- again after many, many, many wipes.  So, yay us!  The kill came after a “keep it up, people,” but there wasn’t any, “this is a kill” crap going on.  So.. um.. maybe they got it?  Whatever the case, WKN got skillz to make the killz.  Yeah, uh-huh, cheesy.. I know!

Podcast Update

I am still trying to figure out if we did schedule a vent convo for the OMG.. Priest! readers just how I would record it.  My podcast program is not interacting with vent… so…… if you are technically inclined give me some hints.

Working on deadline now… hopefully back a little later. 

Happy Raiding!