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Flash Heal!

Flash Heal!

That’s the name of proc/buff for the Tier 10 four-set bonus.  I added the buff to my Powa Auras and have been pleasantly surprised by how often it procs.  Check out this World of Logs for last week’s raids.  I noticed that as I got used to using it, I was able to reset my CoH even more! By the time we got to Festergut, CoH was my top spell with 99 total hits due to the bonus resetting it 11 times.  Not bad for a 4:53 long fight, eh?

I miss abusing CoH.  You just spam, spam, spam, but those days are long gone.  At least this four-set bonus makes it available more often now.  I have had it reset three times in a row which is really cool.  Even though there are other badge pieces that may be higher on the BiS list than the basic T-10, I would suggest you guys try it out- especially for those fights where there is a lot of raid damage going on.

Professor Putricide

Our 10-man group got him down to 5% last night.


We will get back in there Friday and kill him, though!  I am confident.  Another fight where rhythm is key. 


That’s it for now.  I have a bad sinus infection that’s had me sort of down and out the last few days.  I hope to feel much better soon.  The cough syrup is magical though.

Happy Raiding!


Love and Valithria

Exanna The Love Fool

I am a Love Fool now!  Congrats to me!  IRL, I found roses, chocolates, a bear, a beautiful card and the MJ This Is It! Collector’s DVD on my desk at work today.  I love you, Hubby, and will be your love fool anytime!  XOXO!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valithria Dreamwalker

That’s who’s got next with WKN.  I absolutely love this friggin’ fight although I am still learning the mechanics.  We went in there for the first time last night, and it was quite interesting.  We really get to heal a boss.  This IS indeed the healers’ fight.  Now, if we could just get the DPS to do the right things…

One of our healers said in The Healer’s Channel, “Now we get to blame the DPS for everything.”  Yes, we do!  Try and blame us if you want.  We were doing our fecking job.. LOL.  And stay out of the vapor ring thingies… they will kill you!

Here’s a video Hubby found on WoWWiki!  A little how-to for you!  Enjoy!  (Tips for priests at 2:11.)

WoW Broke Last Night?

I was tanking a pug on my DK last night when suddenly it was like we were suspended in time.  The healer dc’d, and my toon kept looting over and over and over.  I could still chat with the guild, though, but the only way I could log out was to ALT+F4.  My guildmates said they couldn’t trade or anything.  Come to find out the entire realm sort of went kaput.  I am guessing the other realms in our battlegroup did, too.  When I was finally able to get back on, I was back in the dungeon- at the entrance- but all alone with no Emblems of Frost to show for it.  Boo on you, Blizz!

It’s Friday, people!  Let’s get it crunk!  🙂

Happy Raiding,

Who's Got Next?

After spending so much time on The Blood Princes (11 attempts in one night!), it is time to pick a new boss to pick on- or shall I say- pick a new boss to pick on us.  I think it could be Professor Putricide, but we will see tonight.

It is once again raid night! 🙂

The 10-man run I was in last night went in there.  Like Festergut and Rotface, I think once you get the rhythm down, you will get a kill. At least I hope it’s that simple.

Wish us luck! As always, I am more than happy to get tips from you guys on WTF to do, 🙂

The Healer Channel

I started using a dedicated in-game chat channel for our healers two weeks ago, and it’s worked out well.  We’ve got an awesome team of healers, and that channel gives us a live forum to discuss assignments and strategies.  It also gives us a place to vent.  It’s nice to see that the other healers pretty much think the way I do.  It is also a good channel to encourage people to give it their all when healing.

I’ve actually had “outsiders” ask to join our channel. The RL even logged on to it.  I kicked him out and then added a password.

To me, the Healer Channel is sacred.. and sometimes very funny.  If you don’t already use a dedicated Healer Channel, I say go for it.  I think it’s been a stress reliever, a learning experience, and a way for us to bond. Smooches, peeps! ❤

That’s all for now! Happy Raiding!


Princes Down!

Ahh, success is so sweet after so much bitter failure.  We got the Blood Prince Council down tonight!  Thank you, Doug, for your advice.  We still used the pally tank on the orbs, but we had the hunter pet tank the balls.  Also, while some strats say you can’t really position for the fight, we put one ranged and one healer on each point on the floor.  It’s about 12-13 yards apart.  Whenever the Empowered Vortex hit, the ranged would run out, the heals would stay put.  It cut down on incoming damage considerably.

I am incredibly proud of the guild tonight.  We worked hard, listened to each other’s ideas and got it done.  Congrats, WKN!

And we 'cheiven!


Woot!  I look HOT!

Still trying to figure out how to make it work, but I did notice that I now get a Circle of Healing every three seconds.  Damn, that’s hot.  I also got Greatcloak of the Turned Champion and Sanguuine Silk Robe.  I really need the haste boost on the robe which means I will have to break my four-set occasionally depending on the fight.

Tonight was a good night overall- not just because of the loot- but because of the KILL.  OMG.. NEXT!

Happy Raiding!

P.S. I have two potential co-podcasters with me on the discipline priest lesson.  I will be getting with them soon!  Smooches!


The Blood Prince Council



Channeling Foghorn Leghorn:  “I say- I say- I say 1%”


Again, I tell you. 1%

That’s how far down we got The Blood Prince Council.  It looked like a kill.  It felt like a kill.  It should have been a kill.  But it wasn’t.  I could blame it on The Jinx because the RL said the dreaded words, “This is a kill.”  He even congratulated us on it; however, something went wrong at the very end.  Oh, yeah.  People were dying, plus the target switched to another prince, and in the time we wasted prematurely celebrating the kill (thanks to looking at the current target’s 0% /lol), we could have killed the next guy… maybe.

I think we have the mechanics of this fight down.  I mean 1%, right!?!  We just have to really focus tonight.  I recall the healer for the Warlock tank saying he went /oom.  It is a very healing intensive fight.  Heck, everything in ICC is!  Blizz really upped the ante in this latest release, and for that I say, “Thank you!”

Still… 1-friggin-miniscule percent!  OMG… Crappity Crap Crap Crap!  Now, I am being told it was less than 1%- 500k! Wow.

So I look forward to taking these prissy little bastards down tonight.  I want revenge!  I got one-hit by 80k+ damage more than once.. so Blood Princes.. we’re coming for you tonight!  And hopefully we will have perfect execution!  It must be done.

If you have any tips about this fight, please share.

Good News, Everyone!

In our 10-man Saturday we worked on Professor Putricide.  We had some pugs from two guilds that have already downed him.  We walked away with some good tips and got him down to about 30%.  I will find the time to post the tips here when I get a chance.  I might even make a map.  IDK.. F0r now, it’s time to go play in makeup!  I go live in 30 minutes!

Happy Raiding!


WKN vs. Festergut: The Video

Check us out in action.  If you are looking for Exxy, I am just beyond the Warlock thingy on the right side of your screen! 🙂  This video is from our resident Boomkin’s POV.  He is aptly named Boomsin.  The music starts to drive me crazy towards the end, but hey!  I think we look pretty good!  The comment at the end of the video is priceless… Jeff is our GM.  Poor thing.

For your viewing pleasure….. Daddy, I did it!

Unstuck.. for now.

We finally got Rotface down again last night, and I enjoyed reading X and Doug’s comments on yesterday’s “We Stuck” post.  Love it!

It would be nice though if you could use an in-game unstuck button on the bosses.  That button would simultaneously make every raider perform at the top of their game while also clearing vent as soon as someone opens their mouth to say something dumb. LOL  It would be a precog type button.

Anyhoo- we got him down- again after many, many, many wipes.  So, yay us!  The kill came after a “keep it up, people,” but there wasn’t any, “this is a kill” crap going on.  So.. um.. maybe they got it?  Whatever the case, WKN got skillz to make the killz.  Yeah, uh-huh, cheesy.. I know!

Podcast Update

I am still trying to figure out if we did schedule a vent convo for the OMG.. Priest! readers just how I would record it.  My podcast program is not interacting with vent… so…… if you are technically inclined give me some hints.

Working on deadline now… hopefully back a little later. 

Happy Raiding!