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Adios, Amigos!

Dear Readers,

It is with regret- and with a little bit of glee- that I announce that Exanna will be retiring.  My real life has sort of taken up a lot of time, and I have been cool with that.  I’ve been working hard trying to get a promotion at work, and we bought a new house that requires decoration!  Home ownership was a big step for us, and I have to say Hubby and I are enjoying it.  Before the move, we lived literally less than three-minutes from work.  Our commute is now up to 20-minutes which means rushing home after working late to raid has not been feasible.

Add to that that I am retiring on a very high note.  I finally finished one expansion pack boss, the Lich King, before the next xpac is released!  Mind you, I have not killed LK on heroic, but just the 25-man regular kill was enough.

In all the guilds I have been in before, we were NEVER able to finish the old content before the new content came out.  And I have been in some good guilds. 

  • <The Outcasts> of Antonidas is where I cut my teeth on raiding! 
  • <Wasted Space> of Cenarius took me to a new level. 
  • But I really want to say “thank you” to <Metal> of Cenarius for making me a Raider.  It was only because of you guys that I accomplished this WoW lifelong goal.  LK is dead, dead, dead.

And a huge thank you to the readers and friends who stopped by, gave me advice, and read all the happenings of Exanna’s adventures.  We’ve talked about healing, raiding, crafting, guild relations, patches, and I have enjoyed every second of it.  I love to write, and I love WoW.  Putting the two together seemed ideal.  Thank you for reading my stuff.

It has been a long journey.  I think Hubby and I started playing in 2007.  I have not decided what to do with my account just yet.  I know I will be keeping it long enough to get the “What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” achievement.  Midsummer is my last event for this.  I thought about playing my DK, but I can’t remember the last time I ran DanityKane through anything!  And who knows… maybe time will permit me to play Exxy again one day.  I doubt it, though.  For now, I will be keeping an eye to see when the cataclysmic events start to take place.  That will be fun to watch!

I am content.

The Lich King is dead, and the friends that I did make in-game are still my friends out of the game.  I like that.  I played a lot, met a lot of different people, heard a lot of stories, ran at least two interventions on vent, made a lot of gold, cussed out a lot of folks, kicked a lot of ass, pissed a lot of people off, and LOL’d a lot while doing it all.

So, goodbye, friends.  I will be figuring out how to move these articles to a non-paying version of the site so that people who still need strategies can find them.  I will be retaining the domain name, however, for infinity.  I love the name.  OMG.. Priest!  It’s awesome.

And so are we.  We are the largest gaming community in the world, playing the most awesome game in the universe.  Enjoy it, peeps.  Keep healing and saving toons from their masters’ stupidity!  And for one last time…

Happy Raiding!


Life On the Other Side

Stepping away from raiding has been a reality check for me, and I have to say I am quite pleased with the break thus far. I don’t have to rush home from work, feed the dog, feed hubby and then raid. I can just come home, do the other stuff and then just.. be. I also don’t have to worry about getting my dailies in although I do log the DK in to tank for Hubby’s mage. It’s been quite relaxing. I even have time to make my Sims into millionaires (thanks to the cheat code of course LOL).

Yesterday in Ironforge, Exanna was checking her mail for gold when a stranger whispered her.

“How come you’re not in a guild?”

“Well, I /gquit.”

“You’re epicly geared. What guild were you in?”

“Ah, it doesn’t matter. I am just taking a well deserved break.”

“Oh,” he writes seemingly worried, “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I just wondering why you weren’t in a guild.”

“LOL. My feelings aren’t hurt. I am fine :). Take care!”

“You, too.”

Free.. for now.

And that’s what it is for me: a well deserved break- not only from the drama but from the work. I raided 5 to 6 nights a week. I was the webmaster. I created our site and made it useful. I was responsible for posting pics and strats and stuff like that. I put the 10-mans together to make sure the groups were equally skilled and geared. I heard all the whispers about people being upset about this or that. I encouraged some of the healers when the RL would make them feel bad. I tried to think ahead when it came to problems the guild may face. I made the recruiting posts when it was time to recruit.

And when it came to my toons, I ran the dailies and the weeklies- never missing them. I grinded the mats and made the stuff to sell on the AH just so Exxy could get the money to buy the saronite her crafted gear early on. I made cloth every three days like clockwork. I ran the randoms to get badges for DanityKane so she wouldn’t be useless. ransmuted gems daily, herbed and made flasks or raiding.  I worked really hard- on a game.  And now, I get to be free. For a bit.

I do, however, feel bad for Hubby who /gquit last night. He says his heart wasn’t in it without me there, and for that I feel terrible. I never asked him to quit. He just did, and he worked hard on his toons, too. I took a lot of the blame for stuff I did not do, and he told me he didn’t feel right continuing to raid with them. Isn’t that just a big ball of sadness and sweetness mixed altogether?  Thanks, Hubby, for standing by me.

I plan to get back into raiding. I plan to find a new guild but not one that raids quite so much. I plan on having fun.

For now, I will be getting a podcast together this week. I am so excited! Miss Medicina has agreed to be my first celebrity guest! /smile. She is going to teach us all the basics of Discipline Priest healing in ExxyTalk After Dark. So stay tuned. And for those of you who have written to encourage me to keep going, thank you. And please know- I am not done yet. I am just resting and rebuilding.

Happy Raiding!


Exxy… OUT!

Well, it’s a daybreak here, and I have finally made the decision.

In a few minutes, I will /gquit.

Any of you who read this blog know how extremely proud I am of my guild.  I love it when the guild succeeds.  It sucks when the guild fails, but now it’s just time for me to move on.

I’ve been thinking about it for months now.  Guild Drama.  It never amounts to anything good.  Call me a Drama Mama if you would like, but really, I just wanted to play the game, beat the bosses and get phat lootz. 

Let’s play “I never.”

  • I never wanted to have to take over the ten-man slotting but I did.  Had I not certain folks might make Group A a gazillion times better than Group B dooming group B to repeated failure.  It was always my goal to balance them out. 
  • I never threatened to leave the guild because my husband wasn’t in a raid nor would I ever. 
  • I have never been p-whipped by cyber-p.  I hear it’s pretty powerful for some reason.
  •  I never tried to make up a written loot policy for alts just because DanityKane hit 80.  It’s a very selfish way to run a guild.
  • I never tried to re-write said policy because my alt lost an off-spec roll to a main.  Shame. LOL
  • I never cut a deal as an officer with the officers to buy orbs at half price for an alt.  Oh, wait, I take that back.  I did try to broker the same deal with the GM only to be told I was low-balling the guild.  Yeah, I guess the same rule will apply to the primordial saronite, too, huh?  More shame.

Did I roll on BiS gear for me?  Hell yeah!  You’re damn right I did! Some of the things on my “wish list” aren’t even BiS due to the stats I like my character to have.  I prefer a number of haste items to crit.  Did I get to vote for myself on the Loot Council?  Nope.  Did my husband get to vote for me on the Loot Council?  Nope. 

  • We were never allowed to vote for one another, but the other officers did.  So please, place the blame on more than just me or him when it comes to my gear being nice.  Maybe ask why you were consistently passed over on gear if you really want to know why such decisions were made- that is IF you really think the LC has passed you over.  You most likely will not get a straight answer.  FYI, my gear is ranked 16th in the guild now for all who wonder… EDITED TO MENTION the fact that 10 of the 15 items I now wear were either crafted by me, earned by me through Ashen Verdict rep or bought by me with badges.  It would be 11/15, but I like the haste on my bracers more than the Moonshroud bracers (also made by me).  You can’t really depend on the guild to get you everything you want or need.  A weapon?  Yes.  A trinket?  Yes.  But there are a lot of things you can get on your own- which some “guildies” just can’t grasp for some reason.
  • Oh, yeah.  I never liked going to old raiding zones like AQ 40 or even OS once ToC and ICC came out.  Why?  Because I came to WKN for progression.  I went to OS a few times to help people get trinkets, but for folks to complain about me not doing other things outside progression and my dailies is just dumb.  Get a life.  You like achieves, and I don’t really care.  Grow up.

I have been the only female officer in this guild as long as I can remember.  In this all boys club, I have had other officers discount what I and other female members say or think as irrational.  Like it or not, women can see the drama coming from a mile away.  Hell, a lot of the times, women are the cause of a guild’s downfall.  Sometimes- women like me- try to stop the drama only to be “put in our place.”  I bit my tongue on so much for a long time.  Last night, I decided not to anymore, and it was about something even our male counterparts complained about:  a key person once again showing favortism to someone else- trying to get an invite for them by giving us what amounts to an ultimatum.  Second time in about three months that has happened.  The last time it happened 24 people waited for 30 minutes while one person held us all hostage because someone was not invited.  All of us, just waiting in ICC but not able to move because this one person was threatening to leave the server.  It is bullshit, and until I raised hell last night, nothing was ever going to be done about it.

I’m sick of it.  Maybe this is just how guilds go.  I don’t know.  I have been in three my entire WoW lifetime.  I left the first one because the GM was 12.  LOL.  I left the next one- which I loved- because after Wrath came out, it just kind of stalled and I wanted to progress.  Now I am in a progression guild, and while I love the progression part, I can’t take the drama.

I would love to keep raiding, and maybe I will get back to it one day soon.  Right now, I just need a break.  So this is Exxy signing off as a semi-hardcore raider.  I am trying to decide if I will keep doing my dailies while I figure out what to do.  I am sure hubby will love to use my toons for something if for nothing else than the flask master and gem transmutes on Danity.  I may be hitting the pug circuit… ooooh, patience is a virtue.  LOL

So, Soliss, Seca, Lito I will miss talking to you in The Healer’s Sanctum.  It’s been so much fun raiding with you guys.  Shawn, I have missed your guidance since the day you left us.  You were the Drama Master, and believe me, we needed you back.  And good luck to WKN.  For those who say, “OMG.. Good Riddance, Exxy!” I give you a hardy “OMG.. FU!” LOL.  You are probably one of the people mentioned in this post. 🙂

Oh, well.  Maybe I will find a new game to tickle my fancy.  I have been wanting “my life” back for a while now.  This is just the first step.  Wish me luck!

Happy Raiding!