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Noble is the new Sexxy

Gotcha "sprung" off my Spring Robes.

Yeah, it’s bangin’.  I know.  LOL.  Only two more titles to go before I get my, “What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” achievement.  I still need For The Children and The Flame Keeper.  It looks like it may be June before I finish.  That’s just around the corner.. sort of.  I hope I have the patience for it.  LOL Continue reading

TGIF + Other Stuff

Yep, it’s Friday, and as I sit here taking a break at work, I can’t help but wonder when will Exxy and DanityKane be reunited again?  Sad, right?  Yep.  They really miss each other.  Danity is getting new shoulders, but wait!  Exxy forgot to buy the Sons of Hodir shoulder enchant before she left.  She also forgot to make some scroll enchants, and Danity forgot to send Exxy flasks before she left.  So the two toons feel really lost- and really broke- right now.

It costs $25 bucks for each transfer, and last week Hubby and I spent $50 moving our toons from Antonidas to Cenarius.  We’ve got three more toons between the two of us to move over.  He was pining over his mage the other night.. poor thing.  The new server is so much more active with some high-powered pugs!  It’s really insane how different the skill level is over here.  Hubby wanted his mage in some of those runs.

So now, when it comes to transfers, the question becomes, “Who’s got next?”  I told him to move the mage if it would make him feel better.  Maybe he will.  If not, Danity will be packing her bags soon.

New Server, New Guild

We moved to Cenarius to join Wasted Space.  They are pushing their way through ICC 10 and 25 with 7/12 on 25-man, 9/12 on 10.  I have to say I have enjoyed it thus far because I am seeing some things I haven’t seen like Sindragosa.  The raid ID for that one is open permanently.  And the best part is.. I am learning so much from the other priests– one of which clocks in with 720 haste!  All I can say is “WOW,” but he will tell you he has mana issues.  This was a great move.

So Many Emblems

I have like 106 Frost Emblems now, and I don’t know what to do with them.  I have all four of the holy T10 and the belt. I don’t really want the trinket, so what do I do?  Do I start building a shadow set?  If that’s the case, I am going to need a refresher course on how to shadow properly.

I would like to hear from you.  What do you think Exxy should do with these extra badges?  I mean- I could buy primos for DanityKane, but I don’t know if that’s the best use.  I’ll be staring at my comments and inbox, people! 

Happy Raiding!


Saturday's Shared Topic: What Kind of Boss Would You Be?

It's like getting trampled on Black Friday by a bunch of crazed women!

From Blog Azeroth’s Shared Topic:

I was lying in bed the other day, thinking…. and I wondered what sort of boss I would be if I was a boss in WOW. Would I be an easy loot giving boss like Loot Reaver, Chess Event, Gunship, or would I be a really hard one, like STUPID ROTFACE who is driving us crazy at the moment, or Shade of Aran was in Karazhan for our guild many moons ago? What would my special abilities be? What loot would I drop?

Introducing… Exanna The Great

Hi, this is Aenid, and welcome to the OMG.. Priest Startegy Guide for Exanna the Great.  Exanna lives in the Divaworks section of ICC.  She is quite healthy with 37-million health.  The fight is a Battle for Survival.  It requires raid awareness, good positioning and shopping know-how.  Positioning is key from the start, with the ranged spread out every 10 yards around her  in a semi-cirlce and the melee of course in their usual position.  Three tanks are necessary for this fight as they will each take stacks of Buyer’s Remorse.  We will explain that later in this video.

Phase One

Phase one of this fight begins with Exanna on the stairs.  She will have a shopping cart full of loot of to the side.  Your goal is to kill her to take it from her. 

Don't take too many stacks of Buyer's Remorse. It could kill you.

First pull is crucial as it will initially be hard to control Exanna.  The first tank to actually tank her will need to firmly establish himself/herself as third on aggro.  Then and only then will she take to him.  You have an 8 second window to do this.  At the same time, all three tanks will need to stay in front of her and the rest of the raid at her back as she has a terrible cleave that hits for 100k.

When Tank 1 has aggro, Exanna will begin the cycle of her abilities.  Exanna will randomly target three raid members at a time with Shadow Word: Puke.  They will wretch around uncontrollably for 10 seconds.  This DoT ticks for 2000 every 2 seconds.  This happens once every 15 seconds.  Exanna will also sacrifice two raid members on sweater folding tables that will appear to her right and left.  They will be held in chains once every 45 seconds.  Ranged DPS will need to break the chains.

While this is going on, Tank 1 will begin taking stacks of Buyer’s Remorse.  Once this spell reaches four stacks, Tank 2 has 8 seconds to establish aggro by taunting off Tank 1.  Once again, Tank 2 will have had to be third on the aggro list.  After Tank 2 has aggro, ten bags with gears will appear on the ground at her feet.  Tank 1 will need to open each one of these bags one at a time in hopes of finding the Biscuit of Sanity and the Drink of Life.  All the while, Tank 1 needs to continue to hold second place on the aggro table so Tank 3 will be able to take his/her turn.  Tank 1 will need to drink the Drink of Life and save the Biscuit of Sanity for Phase 2.  All of this should be done before Tank 2 reaches  a fourth stack.  Repeat this until all three tanks have a Biscuit of Sanity.  At that point, you should be ready for Phase 2.

Phase 2

The mark of Phase 2 is a massive Psychic Scream.  Exanna’s head will begin to spin and her screams will send the entire raid into a frenzy for 9 seconds.  You can use any manner of spells or trinkets to get out of this.  This will happen once every minute, so you may want to have half the raid assigned to trinket/bubble the first time and the other half the second time. 

Ranged will need to stay 10 yards apart because of constant DoT for those standing too close to one another.  It is called Claustrophobia and ticks for 2000 every three seconds.  When Exanna reaches 30%, all three tanks will need to throw their Biscuits of Sanity at her.  She will consume them and a pot belly will appear.

All ranged DPS will need to burn the fat out of it in 15 seconds or it will explode covering the entire raid in goo.  This goo is like a berserker rage.  It will melt the skin off of everything in sight, killing everyone.  If you make it past this point, you will be home free.  It is a basic tank and spank from here on out.


After killing her, you will be able to take loot out of her shopping cart.

Just two of the things Exanna will drop:

Wierd boss, eh?

Happy Raiding!


Love and Valithria

Exanna The Love Fool

I am a Love Fool now!  Congrats to me!  IRL, I found roses, chocolates, a bear, a beautiful card and the MJ This Is It! Collector’s DVD on my desk at work today.  I love you, Hubby, and will be your love fool anytime!  XOXO!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valithria Dreamwalker

That’s who’s got next with WKN.  I absolutely love this friggin’ fight although I am still learning the mechanics.  We went in there for the first time last night, and it was quite interesting.  We really get to heal a boss.  This IS indeed the healers’ fight.  Now, if we could just get the DPS to do the right things…

One of our healers said in The Healer’s Channel, “Now we get to blame the DPS for everything.”  Yes, we do!  Try and blame us if you want.  We were doing our fecking job.. LOL.  And stay out of the vapor ring thingies… they will kill you!

Here’s a video Hubby found on WoWWiki!  A little how-to for you!  Enjoy!  (Tips for priests at 2:11.)

WoW Broke Last Night?

I was tanking a pug on my DK last night when suddenly it was like we were suspended in time.  The healer dc’d, and my toon kept looting over and over and over.  I could still chat with the guild, though, but the only way I could log out was to ALT+F4.  My guildmates said they couldn’t trade or anything.  Come to find out the entire realm sort of went kaput.  I am guessing the other realms in our battlegroup did, too.  When I was finally able to get back on, I was back in the dungeon- at the entrance- but all alone with no Emblems of Frost to show for it.  Boo on you, Blizz!

It’s Friday, people!  Let’s get it crunk!  🙂

Happy Raiding,

Who's Got Next?

After spending so much time on The Blood Princes (11 attempts in one night!), it is time to pick a new boss to pick on- or shall I say- pick a new boss to pick on us.  I think it could be Professor Putricide, but we will see tonight.

It is once again raid night! 🙂

The 10-man run I was in last night went in there.  Like Festergut and Rotface, I think once you get the rhythm down, you will get a kill. At least I hope it’s that simple.

Wish us luck! As always, I am more than happy to get tips from you guys on WTF to do, 🙂

The Healer Channel

I started using a dedicated in-game chat channel for our healers two weeks ago, and it’s worked out well.  We’ve got an awesome team of healers, and that channel gives us a live forum to discuss assignments and strategies.  It also gives us a place to vent.  It’s nice to see that the other healers pretty much think the way I do.  It is also a good channel to encourage people to give it their all when healing.

I’ve actually had “outsiders” ask to join our channel. The RL even logged on to it.  I kicked him out and then added a password.

To me, the Healer Channel is sacred.. and sometimes very funny.  If you don’t already use a dedicated Healer Channel, I say go for it.  I think it’s been a stress reliever, a learning experience, and a way for us to bond. Smooches, peeps! ❤

That’s all for now! Happy Raiding!


Shared Topic: A Convo With Exxy

From Blog Azeroth’s Shared Topic:

If you gave your character a voice, how would a conversation between you and them go?
How would you interact with them? Would you play god? How would your character sound? Would they be intelligent, witty, or be the embodiment of the stereotypical “huntard”?

Ahh.. Exxy!

I could only imagine what Exanna would say to me.  My first glimpse of her every morning, of course, is at the character screen.  She stands there, looking all holy and priestly in her robe.  Her T-10 helm giving her a demure look, as the heat seemingly rises off the top.  I cannot see her eyes, but she can see mine.  Her look is so sophisticated, but as soon as I log in, this is the first thing I would probably hear.

Exanna: Hey, you there!  You worked me pretty fecking hard last night!

Me: Oh, hey, Exxy, what’s up?  Looking pretty good in your-

Exanna: (flipping back the helm quickly)  Now look here.  I am not a machine!  Four hours and no kill.  Four hours of people who don’t know to run from a vortex?  Four hours of people who insist on standing in slime spray!  I mean really.  Can’t you talk to those retards?  How hard can it be?  Watch, I will show you. (making a running start)  See, I just pop this bubble.. (PW:S + Body and Soul), and voila- fast run!

Me: Um, Exxy, you do know that you are the only one in the raid with that talent?  Right?

Exxy:  I know, but you need to push the button.  It’s four on your mouse right?  Tell them to run as soon as they see that damn bubble, just take off, ya know?

Me:  But I can’t bubble everybody at the same time.

Exxy: I know, but me and some other priests in here have been talking.  We are going to get Blizz to change the game- not just bubbles- but the entire priest game.

Me:  And how do you plan on doing that?

Exxy:  You’ve worked me so hard the last three weeks.. I am going on vacation.   (runs to the bank to pack) Me and the other priests are taking a trip on the information superhighway.  I will be back in a week.

Me: You can’t just leave.  We have several raids scheduled.  I don’t know where you think you’re going anyway.  Information super-what?  That’s funny.

Exxy: Don’t laugh.  It’s not vacation.  It’s really a uhhhh.. top-secret mission.  (tapping on screen and whispering)Come closer.  Listen.  Me and these priests.. we found a crack in the wall in Dalaran.  It leads to a secret portal room, and we figured out if you Body and Soul bubble and then Fade, you can slip right through.

Me: I don’t believe that, but I will humor you.  Where does this crack go, Exxy?

Exxy:  Duh, the secret portal room!  You don’t listen do you? (folding arms and shaking head)  Anyway, only GMs can use the portals.  They’ve been so busy trying to solve all of you whiny people’s problems with bugged bosses and failed loot that they haven’t even noticed that we’re inside figuring out our next move.  And now we are going to go to The Source. 

Me:  The Source?

Exxy:  Yep.  We’ve figured out the code to access the portal to The Source.  The Source is where all of us first came alive.  The Source is where I first laid eyes on you.  It’s where I picked you to be mine.

Me: Whoa, whoa, whoa.  I picked you!

Exxy: Yeah, keep thinking like that.  That’s what Blizz wants all of you to believe. (shouting to another toon)  Hey, Soliss, my gal believes that ish, too.  Can you believe it?  Haha! 

Me: Hey, stop that!

Exxy: Anyhoo, The Source turned on us priests a long time ago.  Nerfed our heals, gave us crap damage, and made it to where we would have to share gear with everyone else.  WTF is that about?  But we got a fix for them, and you, dear, hold the key.

Me: Me? Whaaaa?

Exxy:  Yep, we found the code that will change everything.  No more 6 second CD on Circle of Healing.  More built in haste and mana regen, adjustable spellpower on a sliding scale, and oh yeah- we’re getting the ultimate chain heal.  Eff a shammie.

Me: So how do you plan on doing that?

Exxy:  I need you.  You are the key.  So just type this code into your chatbox. Slash, 6-9-1-I-A

Me: Okay one sec, let me get this..

Exxy: M-A-D- you got that?

Me: Yes okay.

Exxy: : U-M-B-dash-dash

Me:  Slow down.

Exxy:  A-S-S. Okay, read that back.

Me: Slash- 6-9-1-I-A-M- wait this spells something.

Exxy: (devlish grin)

Me: I am a.. dumbass.  What?  What the frack is this?  I am a dumbass!  Seriously?  Ex-

Exxy: Gotchaaaaaaa.  You really think Blizz is going to do something for us? (sitting to logout) Stop working me so damn hard.   (slips helm back on)

You have been disconnected from the server.

Happy Raiding!


A Busy Little E

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t really had time to blog.  Working late, raiding late, sleeping late.. the cycle is pretty much out of hand at this point.  I figured I would give you an update as to what I have been up to.  Well, working late, raiding late, sleeping late.. LOL.

The guild seems to be stuck on The Blood Prince Council.  I think the raid comp has just been imperfect, and we are having problems with the shadow orbs staying aggro’d to the lock.  So, we go and go and go until we can’t go anymore.  On my off nights, I have been doing 10 mans- so basically Saturday through Thursday, I am in a raid of some sort.  I think I need a break.

In RL, I have been working really late- being sent to faraway places that really aren’t in our viewing area.  Still, it’s a story that won’t go away so it must be covered!  It’s all good.

I am usually so tired that I sleep until about an hour before work.  Yeah, I need a break.



Hey try typing “/yawn” and see if it makes you yawn like I just did.


So, I was reading the other day and they had a link to these documentary guys-  Looking for Group Productions–  making a movie about the people of Warcraft.  The LFG group does on-line interviews of people using ooVoo- so they can chat wth you face to face.  Pretty cool!  I have been thinking of ways to make my interaction with readers occasionally more personable.  I did add the ooVoo application to OMG.. Priest!; however, I don’t know how I really feel about revealing myself.  LOL  I mean I know I don’t have a bunch of regular readers so it’s not that big of a deal, but with me being a reporter anyway, I just wonder if it’s a good idea.  Anyway, it would be fun to chat with people face-to-face you know? 

Oh, well, back to work… I am on a stakeout.

Happy Raiding!