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Adios, Amigos!

Dear Readers,

It is with regret- and with a little bit of glee- that I announce that Exanna will be retiring.  My real life has sort of taken up a lot of time, and I have been cool with that.  I’ve been working hard trying to get a promotion at work, and we bought a new house that requires decoration!  Home ownership was a big step for us, and I have to say Hubby and I are enjoying it.  Before the move, we lived literally less than three-minutes from work.  Our commute is now up to 20-minutes which means rushing home after working late to raid has not been feasible.

Add to that that I am retiring on a very high note.  I finally finished one expansion pack boss, the Lich King, before the next xpac is released!  Mind you, I have not killed LK on heroic, but just the 25-man regular kill was enough.

In all the guilds I have been in before, we were NEVER able to finish the old content before the new content came out.  And I have been in some good guilds. 

  • <The Outcasts> of Antonidas is where I cut my teeth on raiding! 
  • <Wasted Space> of Cenarius took me to a new level. 
  • But I really want to say “thank you” to <Metal> of Cenarius for making me a Raider.  It was only because of you guys that I accomplished this WoW lifelong goal.  LK is dead, dead, dead.

And a huge thank you to the readers and friends who stopped by, gave me advice, and read all the happenings of Exanna’s adventures.  We’ve talked about healing, raiding, crafting, guild relations, patches, and I have enjoyed every second of it.  I love to write, and I love WoW.  Putting the two together seemed ideal.  Thank you for reading my stuff.

It has been a long journey.  I think Hubby and I started playing in 2007.  I have not decided what to do with my account just yet.  I know I will be keeping it long enough to get the “What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” achievement.  Midsummer is my last event for this.  I thought about playing my DK, but I can’t remember the last time I ran DanityKane through anything!  And who knows… maybe time will permit me to play Exxy again one day.  I doubt it, though.  For now, I will be keeping an eye to see when the cataclysmic events start to take place.  That will be fun to watch!

I am content.

The Lich King is dead, and the friends that I did make in-game are still my friends out of the game.  I like that.  I played a lot, met a lot of different people, heard a lot of stories, ran at least two interventions on vent, made a lot of gold, cussed out a lot of folks, kicked a lot of ass, pissed a lot of people off, and LOL’d a lot while doing it all.

So, goodbye, friends.  I will be figuring out how to move these articles to a non-paying version of the site so that people who still need strategies can find them.  I will be retaining the domain name, however, for infinity.  I love the name.  OMG.. Priest!  It’s awesome.

And so are we.  We are the largest gaming community in the world, playing the most awesome game in the universe.  Enjoy it, peeps.  Keep healing and saving toons from their masters’ stupidity!  And for one last time…

Happy Raiding!


Soo.. I put out an APB

Only to find out the game does not thrill me like WoW.  Go figure.  Sigh.  Maybe my schedule will get back to normal soon.  I have a six-day work week this week.  Soooo- no raiding for me.. unless I can figure something out.  Ohh, Exanna, I am going to make you live again.

Hope everyone out there in feeds-ville is doing alright!  Smooches!

Happy Raiding!


All Points Bulletin

So.. I just opened my gmail and found this.

My Key to the City

I totally forgot that I had applied for a key to the APB game.  Soooo… I guess I will be trying this out in my spare time.  I have not been able to log on to raid on WoW for a few weeks now, and due to my work schedule, I have no idea when I will be on.  So organized raiding is sort of iffy right now.  This will be a nice distraction as I mourn the comatose state of Exanna right now.

Hope all is well with you and your toons!


Glad I Could Help