LK to 61%

Not too bad for our first night of wipes, right?  Some say it will take us four weeks.  I am hoping for three at this point.  Dealing with LK’s defile is proving to be a stumbling block; however, I think we have phase 1 down.  The defile phase is all about pre-moving.  Body and Soul, GO!  It will just get just take getting used to, methinks.  Right now, I am sort of like a chicken with my head cut off.. Oh noes!  We will get it I am certain.

The Lich King looks intimidating, of course, but in the middle of wipes last night, someone said, “The Lich King is so hot right now.”


I thought it was funny. 

To me- hot?  No. 

Scary?  Yes! 

61.3M health?  Wow, WoW! 

Even though I have watched the videos, and I know how the story line goes.. I can’t wait to see it for myself, and that sexxy-arse mass ressurection!?!  I want that spell!  Please, please!  Gimme!  Now!

Happy Raiding!


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  1. […] remember writing more than a month ago that this fight and the Defiles was all about pre-moving.  I still believe this is true, but let me take you step by step of how I deal with this phase of […]


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