Exxy.. Casually

 Her name is Exanna.  I call her Exxy for short.  We’ve seen good times and bad times together.  Friends and enemies.  Victory and defeat.  Good guilds and bad guilds.  And through it all, Exxy just kept plugging away- as did I.  I think one of us got a little burned out.  Bet you can guess who, right?

Now comes the time, where Exxy and I may part ways.  It’s weird because I have invested so much time in her- not to mention RL money to play month to month; however, over the last six months, I have not been happy.  I was not happy with where I was in game or the majority of the people I was with in game or how they ran things.  But something in me kept me loyal to people I had never even seen before.  They were only voices- many of them quite annoying- on the other end of vent.  LOL

Then came the /gquit.  I left all the loyalties on the screen, said fudge it, and took off to another server in search of the glory days of The Outcasts- the guild that taught me everything I learned about raiding.  We raided twice a week usually on the weekends, and it was fun.  Somehow, even as a casual raiding guild, we rose to 9th on the server.  Alas, that guild is now defunct to a degree- has been for quite some time, but I have missed a lot of the people there.  The GM Gabe who I had to break the news to that I was leaving to see new content.  The Pally Healer Jenavive who was always such a good raid leader.  Tollenrall who stumbled across this blog and left a message saying, “hey.”  Barakstone the American soldier who right now is putting his life on the line in Afghanistan.  Odenmire, the sweet pally that everyone loved.  Ister, the most knowledgeable player I know (he’s the mage that taught me how to spriest), Healya the spriest who went horde.  There were so many voices I can remember.

And now, I am in a new place on a new server- that is absolutely phenomenal (ranked 68th on wow.guildprogress).  These people pug ToGC without any problems.  Toravon dies in 2:20 here in a frigging pug.  The server and the battlegroup are intense.  It’s really amazing to me.  I am in a new guild- that just this week lost two main people to RL issues.. then another 2.. until finally the decision was made to be a casual raiding guild.  One of the officers offered to pay our transfer fees, but we really like this server.  I guess I should be upset, but I am really okay with it.  Honestly, I can’t wait to get my alt over here.  These pugs are awesome for her.  Plus, I have had more free time in the last few weeks than I have had in quite some time.  No rushing home after work to get to a raid.  No more more raiding for four hours a night 5 to 6 sometimes 7 nights a week with some folks I had come to detest.  No pressure, no DKP, no biased Loot Council, no absent GM or self-serving attendance takers, no one making racist comments in vent, no emo RL, no rush- just fun- on my own schedule- when I feel like it with a mature group of people.

So here I am.  Hubby wants to take all my badges for his mage.  Exxy has like 130 now.  That would be a nice gift for him wouldn’t it?  We discussed selling our main toons but figured we put too much money, time, and energy in them to do that.  In the end, it wouldn’t be worth it.  So, I will be on when I am on.   And when I am ready, I will raid again.

I still love writing and hope to keep blogging about priest stuff.

Now I can concentrate on more important things, though- like losing WoW weight (don’t act like you have no idea what I am talking about.. we found a gym that’s $10/month per person), getting my resume tape together, and raising my Sims.  🙂  The Sims version of Exanna and Faelong now have one-and-a-half kids.  She’s preggers again.  Fae wanted it that way.. and who knows- maybe a real baby in the future?  LOL  Who knows…

Anyway- I have to run Hubby’s mage through the daily on DanityKane.  Wouldn’t you know its frickin Halls of Reflection!  Oh noes!  The fail booooooat……

Casually yours,


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