DanityKane: Working It Out

So yesterday I told you how Exanna and DanityKane were missing each other.  Instead of being sad and waiting for $25 to fall from the sky, Danity got off her butt and got EXALTED WITH SONS OF HODIR today.  It wasn’t that bad really.  I hate questing, but if I have a goal then it’s okay.  It took a few hours, but by the time I reached the HONORED mark, I already had so many Relics of Ulduar in my bank, that getting to more than 17k was easy.  I bought the rest of the rep with 8 or so Triumph badges.  Then, I went and bought the shoulder enchant; however, then I realized, I didn’t need it today. LOL.  I got my T-1o two-set on Danity today, but I went for the gloves instead of the shoulders because I needed the hit.  I got lucky with the 264 pants last week in VoA.  So, Danity is growing up somewhat.  My baby is moving on.  /sniffles

Disc Update

Um, yeah… it’s still not working right for me, but I refuse to give up.  I think what confuses me the most are Penance and Pain Suppression.  I mean, looking at them, they seem like simple spells.. duh; however, after being holy for so long, I can’t figure out which button is which on my mouse.. LOL.. and when to hit them.  That’s just so sad to me.  Oh well.. I will keep trying.  I have been listening to the Power Word: Fail podcast– the holy and the discipline section- trying to get more tips.  I am going to keep working on it.  Good news is, I have a great support system in the blogosphere.  Several of you have e-mailed me, and I appreciate it.  I also have two priests in guild that really know their stuff.  I am excited about that. 🙂

<Wasted Space> LFM

If any of you know any good resto druids, holy paladins or resto shamans, my new guild is entering a heavy recruiting phase.   They raid Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday from 9PM to Midnight server.

Happy Raiding!


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