Flash Heal!

Flash Heal!

That’s the name of proc/buff for the Tier 10 four-set bonus.  I added the buff to my Powa Auras and have been pleasantly surprised by how often it procs.  Check out this World of Logs for last week’s raids.  I noticed that as I got used to using it, I was able to reset my CoH even more! By the time we got to Festergut, CoH was my top spell with 99 total hits due to the bonus resetting it 11 times.  Not bad for a 4:53 long fight, eh?

I miss abusing CoH.  You just spam, spam, spam, but those days are long gone.  At least this four-set bonus makes it available more often now.  I have had it reset three times in a row which is really cool.  Even though there are other badge pieces that may be higher on the BiS list than the basic T-10, I would suggest you guys try it out- especially for those fights where there is a lot of raid damage going on.

Professor Putricide

Our 10-man group got him down to 5% last night.


We will get back in there Friday and kill him, though!  I am confident.  Another fight where rhythm is key. 


That’s it for now.  I have a bad sinus infection that’s had me sort of down and out the last few days.  I hope to feel much better soon.  The cough syrup is magical though.

Happy Raiding!


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  1. Huh interesting. I actually looked with horror upon the 4pc bonus, thinking it would throw off my timing mojo, but you seem to be using it well. I’d be interested to see what disc priests have to say about the timer reset on Penance.


  2. […] whatever the numbers say- YOU will have to school me on that; however, I really enjoyed seeing when “Flash Heal!”would […]


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