Who's Got Next?

After spending so much time on The Blood Princes (11 attempts in one night!), it is time to pick a new boss to pick on- or shall I say- pick a new boss to pick on us.  I think it could be Professor Putricide, but we will see tonight.

It is once again raid night! 🙂

The 10-man run I was in last night went in there.  Like Festergut and Rotface, I think once you get the rhythm down, you will get a kill. At least I hope it’s that simple.

Wish us luck! As always, I am more than happy to get tips from you guys on WTF to do, 🙂

The Healer Channel

I started using a dedicated in-game chat channel for our healers two weeks ago, and it’s worked out well.  We’ve got an awesome team of healers, and that channel gives us a live forum to discuss assignments and strategies.  It also gives us a place to vent.  It’s nice to see that the other healers pretty much think the way I do.  It is also a good channel to encourage people to give it their all when healing.

I’ve actually had “outsiders” ask to join our channel. The RL even logged on to it.  I kicked him out and then added a password.

To me, the Healer Channel is sacred.. and sometimes very funny.  If you don’t already use a dedicated Healer Channel, I say go for it.  I think it’s been a stress reliever, a learning experience, and a way for us to bond. Smooches, peeps! ❤

That’s all for now! Happy Raiding!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Doug on February 12, 2010 at 6:16 am

    Professor on 25 is much like all of ICC where positioning, target swapping, and moving away from flying stuff is the name of the game.

    My guild uses the healer channel (albeit much less exclusive than yours) and it seems to work well 😀


  2. I’ve had trouble getting people to join the healer channel… and got tired of spamming it at every raid, just to have people not join it, or not read it – “sorry I thought we were doing instructions in Vent”.

    So I now do healing assigns in vent AND over /rw.


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