The Learning Curve

The learning curve is great here. If I had to draw a graph, it wouldn’t make much sense.  My guild is failing on the blood Prince Council. We know the fight but cannot execute.  We are having problems getting far enough apart on the vortex, trouble bouncing balls, trouble bouncing under the balls, trouble collecting purple balls.  We have ball trouble, people.

So, I guess I should ask: Do we really know the fight?

Maybe not.

We tried a variety of new things tonight- from switching to a pally tank instead of a warlock tank to trying to assign “areas” for people to be in.  I really can’t tell you what we’re doing wrong or what we should be doing.

I personally am ready to give this one a rest and go back and pick up Professor Putricide. Let’s get a fresh start on another boss.  Just take a break maybe?

It is so frustrating!  I want a kill, and I want it now!  Again, I ask for suggestions.  How has your guild handled the Blood Prince Council?  Enlighten me. Please.  I see Doug has posted something on a previous post.  Thanks!

Happy Raiding!


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  1. Posted by Doug on February 9, 2010 at 7:58 am

    /range (if your raid runs DBM) should help with the vortex

    Hunters (and/or their pets) can handle the bouncing balls very well

    Pally tank = bad idea because their need to remain mobile to pick up orbs greatly reduces their ability to actually hold on to them, also their ranged threat isnt that great and you may lose people on the first time Keleseth is active because of that.

    I explained purple balls yesterday 😉

    What about the flaming balls that eat people? Are the people targeted by those gtfo the raid?


  2. Posted by exanna on February 9, 2010 at 11:08 am

    We have been telling folks to use /range. Must be the learning curve I was talking about.

    As for bouncing balls, we have a mage and boomkin doing those.

    As for the pally or warlock tank, I would actually like to see how another warlock would do in that position.

    And flaming balls- people run but not fast enough. I try to put a bubble on them, but if you suck at kiting (like me) you’re just going no where fast. Maybe if people see the ball coming, they should get out of the way too!


  3. Don’t feel to bad, it still takes our raid several attempts before we down it. It’s funny because we will wipe 7 times in a row and then on the 8th try down it with only 2 or 3 dead. There is some randomness to it.

    Key things for healers is to watch for the Empowered Shadow Lance boss (Keresh?) to go active and spam heal the ranged tank. Hunters have to misdirect Dark Nucleuses (Nuclei?) to the ranged tank. When the fire orb boss goes active run for dear life if it targets you and everyone else move under the path to reduce it.

    Visit my YouTube site for my raid video of Prince Council.


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