Do these sunglasses make me look phat?

Double take… wha?

Papa.. paparazzi!

 I have to admit my Ruby Shades made me the center of attention for the five minutes Exanna had them on.  I remember HarisPilton selling them for some insane amount several patches ago- like 2000g maybe?  She no longer carries the item. So when DanityKane found them on the AH for 91g, I scooped them up.  I also noticed another pair for about 5000g.  To sell or not to sell?  I kept them on the DK for about a week and then sent them to Exxy today.

As soon as I put them on, someone running stopped and just had to check me out.  I felt sooooo cool. 


After that, I took them to the AH straightaway and put them up for 4500g- lowest price ATM.  Will they sell?  I am unsure.  I would love to have the extra gold, but even if they don’t sell, I can keep them in my bags or bank, transfer them between toons and be the center of attention whenever I want.

It’s sort of like finding high priced designer clothes at a thrift store, you know?  I got a lot for a little. 

Take a picture honey!  It will last forever!  Smooches!

Happy Raiding!


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