Hehateme Mana Issues

Don't be a heifer!

Picture this.  The Pit of Saron tunnel scene.  The task looks daunting as heavy ice crashes hard from the ceiling like an incessant rhythm of death.  boom.. Boom.. BOOM.. BAM.. CRASH!  OMG!  You watch the merry band of five as the tank then turns to his fellow group members and says in a heroic voice, “This is going to be rough, guys.  Only the brave and the alert will survive.  Avoid the runes, stay together, and above all.. Don’t.. stop.. until we.. get.. to.. the middle!” (Channeling a bit of Capt. Kirk there.)

So he takes off, all follow, and then the tank stops the designated spot to take all the mobs on, fighting valiantly to keep all aggro on him.  Then suddenly, the holy priest- at the time casting no heals- says, “Hey, slow up a bit!” as everyone around her dies.  Oh, they are horrible deaths as the tank dies first, leaving the mobs to finish off the rest one.. by.. one.

“I was casting Hymn of Hope.” 

/record scratch


As you watch the scene unfold on the screen, you pull back into reality and see the tank become frustrated in real life.  You hear the tank say, “I hate priest healers.”  Then you start to cry.  Why?  Because it’s your husband saying it as he sits on the couch next to you wondering why in the hell the priest did that.

“Well, every priest healer but you,” he tells you, patting your shoulder.

“OK, OK, fine, Hubby, but before you took off, did you even  make sure she had mana?”

“Yes, she did,” he replies.  Of course, Capt. Kirk wouldn’t be that oblivious right? Hmmmmmmmm

“So, you’re telling me the priest stopped mid-fight to cast Hymn of Hope in the tunnel?”


I find this story odd, and I am not sure I completely believe him; however, the poor priest did apologize when it was over.  So, maybe the priest wasa doofus.

Whatever the case, there are so many other options for getting mana back mid-fight that don’t require you to stop healing.  As you know, I lay no claim to theorycrafting prowess, but here are a few things that will keep you from being “Hated With The Tank.”

  • Meditation A basic need. Only three points on your talent tree. Spec into it.
  • Shadowfiend + Glyph of Shadowfiend=More Mana Quickly: I usually pop mine at about 50% mana
  • Runic Mana Potion: I use this at about 30% mana.  Alchemist could use Endless Mana Potion if they wanted, but other than saving money, I don’t think that’s enough mana.
  • Inner Focus: So simple.  One click and you get a free cast!
  • Hymn of Hope:  Hmmm, yes, last resort.   You could also glyphfor it.  I love this spell, but I hardly ever use it in five mans.  I mean, all the heals fall on me.  There are instances where the damage is quite minimal, and you might have time to cast this spell; however, this is best used when there are other healers there to pick up the slack.  If you do use this frequently and seem to have mana issues, you may want to look at gear, gemming and enchants- which you should be doing anyway, right?

There are ways to help your mana issues overall.  You could either get a larger mana pool or get better regen.  I like to have a balance.  I love spirit and intellect.  You should make them your friends.   Also, if your haste is too high for your current gear and gemming you may find yourself going “oom” all the time.

As for figuring out how to make your mana last for s ever, check out Zusterke’s Corner.  Poke around a bit.  It’s good stuff.

Also, looks like someone started a forum about this over at PlusHeal I wonder if it was the priest in question? o.O

Happy Raiding!


2 responses to this post.

  1. The last link in the thread is broken (it goes to inner focus). Unless you’re trying to be a zany.

    Also, I have 80 prot/furywarrior, resto/boom druid and disc/shadow healer. I am guild leader of my guild, raid leader and healing leader. Anyway, I have the hardest time trying to offer advice to folks in PuGs. Unless it is a particularly friendly group, or folks look like there is a specific thing that can help, then I try to let them play on their own. I hate being the guy telling others what to do in a PuG.

    Any thoughts about how to do this . . .
    without ending up here:



  2. Hi agan Exanna,

    You pretty much covered everything but there’s a few other things you could factor in. Regardless if the group is pug or not you should have a good idea of what your tank is and is not capable of. For instances you can gauge this by his HP, his gear, his spec or just a simple “do you know what your doing here?”. Granted skill often outweighs gear but let’s face it gear DOES help. The pally with 55k hp will allow substantial leeway while the 38K hp pally will require much more mana attention. I find intelligent tanks will use there CD’s when they see a healer low on mana giving them more than enough time to top off.

    That being said take a look at your group composition as well and you’ll probably find an innervate or totem that you can factor into the equation. I usually run with a friend of mine whos a pally tank and he doesn’t ever stop….ever….. To make the dailys less boring we will pull multibosses in an instance which can be really fun and keep you on your toes. For instances in the Nexus we grabbed the rift opening boss all the way to the iceshard boss (names are eluding me) and were able to take them out without a problem.

    I would never have strain on my mana if he didn’t constantly pull…which keeps me sharp and makes me use my cool downs and come up with different ways of surviving….and it is just flat out fun. 🙂


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