Pug-foolery: Run Back!

This morning, I queue up for the heroic daily only to find out I have been dumped into an already failed HoR- wave 6. No sooner than I hit auto run down the long hall so I can type, “Which side are we on?” (there were dots on both sides), the spirits start circling the altar. WHY!?! Because a dwarf ran ACROSS the altar to get to the right side. So I start off having to res one person, buff and heal up the wounded. This also means I have less mana than a pally tank at the beginning of the fight. (OK I exaggerate, but you get it, right?)


We struggle through it- with me fading every CD. Finally it is over, and the chase begins. Everything goes haywire immediately as we fight on the ledge. The big abominations are vomiting on everyone.. we all die. Meanwhile, I am screaming, “YOU HAVE TO TURN THOSE FRICKIN BUG GUYS AWAY FROM US!” The tank tells us on the “run” back, he fell off the ledge. OK, that is forgivable- and laughable. What is not forgivable?  Not running back. Another toon just stayed there dead on the floor. It was the same guy I had to res when I walked in to this situation. So it was obvious he was a serial lazy butt. Plus, I got turned around finding my way back. I kept wondering as long as it was taking me to get back why he was still dead.

Don't just lay there!

Run back, people!  I figure, we all die around the same time so we can all get back at the same time, right? This guy said he didn’t know his way back. At some point, you gotta struggle through it (like me and so many other directionally impaired) and find your way.

Maybe I am impatient. Yes, I am, but don’t be a lazy butt. It makes me angry. So angry.

The guy also failed at getting behind the abominations, too.  A learning curve I am sure.

Happy Raiding!


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