Wish List

Oh, to have a genie in a bottle.  A little genie with an endless amount of wishes both selfish and selfless.

I want it now!

I will start with the selfish WoW ones…. what!?!  My alter ego has dreams, too.  There are so many things that we would all like to have to make our personal game performance better.. like say Alienware, right?  Well, I don’t have a genie, and I can’t afford that; however, there are some things a little bit closer to my price range.

Exhibit A:  The Razer Naga Mouse

Mouse me over, baby!

This mouse looks like it totally rocks.  I have a “basic” five-button mouse by Logitech.  This one has 17!  Hubby and I came across an ad for on on our guild website (perfect ad placement).  Later, as  we stared each other down over the last Razer Naga in Best Buy, I was tempted to drop 80 bucks and run.  I didn’t do it though, but I know it is something we will both end up with most likely. 

“Training” to use this mouse seems rather extensive, but I am still surprised how quickly I picked up the programmed spells on my Healbot.  So I am guessing all it takes is a little practice.

A friend covered the Consumer Electronics in Vegas last week.  He says there are a lot of neat gaming items coming out this year.  I told him to get one of these mice in-house to test it out.  I was like, “If you do that, I will come out of my Warcraft closet on air.” LOL.  We will see, right?

Exhibit B:  A Festergut Win TONIGHT

Nuff said.

Exhibit C: A Laptop Cooler That Works

I have one now, and I can tell a difference.  But on some of our more intense raid nights, she scares me.   LOL  One night she got so hot, the audio took a nose dive.   I burned one cooler out two laptops ago.  I am hoping this one will last a while.  Any ideas out there?

Happy Raiding!


One response to this post.

  1. Morning,

    If you ever plan on getting a new computer I HIGHLY recommend you check out digital storm online. I bought my computer through them and could not be happier with the quality, preformance and support for the machine. Alienware is not as good as people think it is but I’ll leave that decision up to others.

    BUT if you do get the chance check it out – I’m sure you’ll love it. 🙂


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