That’s how CLOSE we got to killing Festergut last night.  1ok!


It was crazy because at around 500k the pallies all popped their bubbles because Uncle Fester was about to hit his point of berserker rage.  The bubbles came out just before the entire raid exploded.  I have the Glyph of Spirit of Redemption, so I was up for a good 20 seconds or so after my death?  It loooked like a kill, but too bad it wasn’t.  After that, people sort of lost focus and we started to regress.  So, tonight that mofo dies.

Help Me!

So, I am back up to 60 Emblems of Frost and am contemplating getting a two-set bonus by buying the gloves or buying the Circle of Ossuss to up my haste- which has been lacking ever since I replaced the Hammer of Purified Flame with Frozen Bonespike.  I want to gem the belt with Runed Cardinal Ruby, Purified Dreadstone, and Quick King’s Amber in the eternal belt buckle.  I worry about the haste due to the fact the bosses hit “very hard and very fast.”  I feel like my heals should be able to catch the tank before it even lands.  So…..

Give me your thoughts, please.  I have yet to pull the trigger!  Here’s my armory for those who really want to check it out! 🙂

Happy Raiding!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I can’t access armory from where I am at the moment but it sounds like you’ve narrowed it down a bit. Personally I would go with the 2 set bonus first but I would hold out for the head or chest piece. Why? Like you mentioned before in a previous post the new VoA boss will have a chance to drop the gloves and legs (legs we dont need due to BiS pattern) so you never know. If your luck is anything like mine as SOON as you spend the badges something you need / want drops where you could have saved the badges….so try to excerise a bit of patience.

    So if you can fight the urge save the badges for the head / chest. Who knows you might get another token by then. 🙂 If you cant wait take the upgrade that will benefit you the most and make sure it’s an item slot that you know you’ll have a hard time upgrading in ICC.


  2. Posted by exanna on January 12, 2010 at 10:27 am

    I couldn’t wait. I bought the gloves, and I actually like them. The two-set bonus procs Blessed Healing. In one “wipe” for the 29 flash heals, the bonus proc’d 20 times. It accounts for a minute amount of healing, but hey, it is a “bonus,” right, no matter the size. I figured with the haste issue, I could move my other gear around a bit to get what I need.


  3. Good to know! I’m still going to try and hold out for another token while hoarding badges. Currently I have my eyes set on the abacus trinket. It almost seems like it was made for a holy priest especially if CoH glyphed. I still have to research it a bit more but I think I’ll go for it if I have the chance.

    Out of curiosty whats the most you’ve hit somebody for when you’ved guardianed them? Mine is a greater heal for 35k. My renews (with procs) will tick for just under 5K which is pretty insane – so I’m looking into reglyphing again. I’m thinking GS/FH/COH will be most efficient for holy.

    What are you currently using for glyphs?


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