OMG.. New Bosses!

It’s good enought for you! It’s good enough for me!

When I look at Rotface and Festergut, all I really see is Sloth from the Goonies.  I absolutely love that movie and had a fit when I found it on DVD!  (I really enjoyed meeting Chester Copperpot outside of Ulduar, too! “Hey, I thought you were dead, dude!”) And now, tomorrow, we get three new bosses and two of them look like this guy.

When you think about it, our foray into the new ICC wing tomorrow will sort of be like The Goonies’ plotline.  It’s not like any of us are losing our homes to big development, no; however, we are going there in search of treasure.  Loot that only these Sloth look-alikes hold.  Too bad we have to kill them.  Sloth may have smelled like Phys.Ed., but he was a sweety pie nonetheless.
Of course, I look at One-Eyed Willie as the Lich King.  We will finally see him face to face and realize that he’s not such a bad guy after all, right?  Yeah… right.  Arthas is a perfect example of righteous indignation gone terribly wrong.  Anyway, back to this post…
I am totally excited about Plagueworks opening up.  Hope your first night in is bug free!
Happy Raiding!

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