NOT ONE MARK on Saurfang!

EDITED:  The disc bubble no longer works as described in this post.  Thanks a lot, Blizz.

Wow, I am convinced the discipline priest bubble is the shiz.  Remember I told you that I would run Deathbringer Saurfang as discipline, right?  Well, I did in 25-man, and it helped quite a bit.  Take a look at the guessed absorbs…

I bubbled a lot!

Anyhoo, I went discipline again in the 10-man run tonight.  All I did was bubble my arse off with a few heals thrown in now and then.  Thanks, Soliss and Seca for picking up my slack.  I bubbled every person in the raid over and over and over.  And guess what!?!  We did not get ANY Marks of the Fallen Champion.  Not a one!  I think he topped out at about 65 Blood Power?   I am really proud of myself!  My finger hurts though…  And of course, the guildies had a lot to do with it, too.. lol.

So thanks, guys, for all your advice.  I am still learning about penance and pain suppression.  They are foreign to me ATM, but I think I will get used to using them.

Happy Raiding!


P.S.  Made my new pants,  Lightweave Leggings, tonight, too.  I bit the bullet and spent the 10k on five Primordial Saronite and used badges to get the rest.  My alt can concentrate on either making money from the saronite or on gearing herself up.  I made her dual-spec tank today, so…. she is going to need it I suppose.  I am guessing the price of saronite will skyrocket if the new ICC wing does indeed open up Tuesday.  All those people on the Shadowmourne quest may be desperate enough to pay high dollar for them.  So, get ready.  Now that I have my two crafted items maybe  I can build my bank back up!  Smooches!

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  1. […] *****UPDATE: Discipline Priest Bubble Works Wonders!***** […]


  2. […] *****UPDATE: Discipline Priest Bubble Works Wonders!***** […]


  3. Nice work 🙂


  4. Posted by Maine on January 5, 2010 at 3:58 am

    Aweseom! The group I was with, who were awesome, could NOT get the Mo-Fo Saurfang done. We tried for almost two hours. So, after reading your post, I have changed my alternate spec from Shadow to Disc and will give that a try next time I get the opportunity.

    Thanks! Oh, great blog site by the way!


  5. Posted by exanna on January 5, 2010 at 10:26 am

    Good luck! And thanks.


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