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The Professors Farnsworth and Putricide

My husband wondered out loud last week if Blizz patterned Prof. Putricide after the Professor on Futurama who always says, “Good news, everyone” or “Great news!”  With his look and voice, I think the answer is yes.  WoWWiki makes reference to the similarities, too. (Also talks briefly about him saying “2 oozes, 1 room.”  I’ll let you figure that one out.)

Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth Great News Remix

Professor Putricide

Sure would like to hear his “dying” emote soon!

Happy Raiding!


WKN vs. Festergut: The Video

Check us out in action.  If you are looking for Exxy, I am just beyond the Warlock thingy on the right side of your screen! 🙂  This video is from our resident Boomkin’s POV.  He is aptly named Boomsin.  The music starts to drive me crazy towards the end, but hey!  I think we look pretty good!  The comment at the end of the video is priceless… Jeff is our GM.  Poor thing.

For your viewing pleasure….. Daddy, I did it!

Do these sunglasses make me look phat?

Double take… wha?

Papa.. paparazzi!

 I have to admit my Ruby Shades made me the center of attention for the five minutes Exanna had them on.  I remember HarisPilton selling them for some insane amount several patches ago- like 2000g maybe?  She no longer carries the item. So when DanityKane found them on the AH for 91g, I scooped them up.  I also noticed another pair for about 5000g.  To sell or not to sell?  I kept them on the DK for about a week and then sent them to Exxy today.

As soon as I put them on, someone running stopped and just had to check me out.  I felt sooooo cool. 


After that, I took them to the AH straightaway and put them up for 4500g- lowest price ATM.  Will they sell?  I am unsure.  I would love to have the extra gold, but even if they don’t sell, I can keep them in my bags or bank, transfer them between toons and be the center of attention whenever I want.

It’s sort of like finding high priced designer clothes at a thrift store, you know?  I got a lot for a little. 

Take a picture honey!  It will last forever!  Smooches!

Happy Raiding!


Judged By The Content Of My Character

Discrimination in real life is nothing to laugh at.  I know from my own experience that it can be painful.  Ever had to squeeze out a back bedroom window and run home as a child because your best friend’s father- who hated “your kind”- came home early from work?  So please don’t read too much into the title of this post, but it is exactly what happened to me in-game today.  The purpose of this post title is not to offend but just to show how real life and game stuff parallel.

So today, I was “judged” by a gear score add-on.  I don’t know which one.  The upside is I was on the “good” side of the judging but I am sure there are many more who end up being picked on for what their toon is wearing- literally the content of their gear.

Thanks.. I think.

I was in an LFG pug doing my heroic daily.  Everyone does the customary, “hellos,” when all the sudden I see, “nice gs exa.”  I was taken aback for a second.  I mean I downloaded ElitistGroups just to see how it worked, but I have never once really used it on anyone in a group.  I usually just come into an instance ready to heal or tank.  Never for a moment have I thought to check gear scores off the bat.

It got me to thinking.  How many other toons who may not be as well geared as Exanna get lol’d at everyday or rejected or maybe even left standing alone based on gear score alone?  I have to admit I looked at the tank’s 30k health and thought, “She must be new,” but I reserve any judgement about skills or gear until after the first boss.  I like to give people a chance.  Sure I kept pulling threat off of the toon, but we made it.  Thank goodness.. even after I said, “one sec,” stepped away, and the tank pulled anyway.

I would like to write, “Even in the World of Warcraft, people will find ways to judge you.”  But is there really a need for the word “even?”  I mean- in the words of the ESPN boys- come on, man.  We all know this happens everyday in WoW.  It just surprises me that people do this in the same five-mans that many of us geared up in from the start.

Oh, how soon we forget where we came from!  Remember those days of running Nexus every single friggin’ day hoping the War Mace of Unrequited Love would drop for you!?!  It really hurt me one time when it finally dropped and a caster won the roll.  I eventually got it and moved on just like so many of our under-geared counterparts will in the future. 

So, please, give the novice toons a chance- and stop being in awe of high gear scores!  Please!  It means nothing if the real person on the other end has no idea what they are doing.  Right?  I mean it could be an absolutely over-geared toon of a player who just bought it one hour before.. or it could be me playing my husband’s mage.  Yeah, that’s a story there.  He told me what buttons to push, but I forgot!  The group complained because my DPS was like 1200.  LOL  I guess they looked at his GS and wondered, “WTF is he doing!?!”  I explained to them, “hey, I don’t know WTF I am doing,” and why.  They helped me get better by telling me “WTF to do.”  So by the end, I learned a little bit about a mage.  I also realized people can be forgiving and helpful.

So before you judge a book by its cover, give the person or toon a chance to prove themselves.  And if you can help them- and if they will accept the help- at least try.  Otherwise, leave the gear score checks for raid time.  You know like 10-mans and above?  That’s usually where gear can either hurt or help you.  But Blizzard has the 5-mans covered.  My DK couldn’t get into the new ICC five-mans for a while.  Why?  Because my gear wasn’t up to par.

Am I calling on people to be bleeding hearts and help the under-geared one dungeon at a time?  If you don’t have the patience for it, then go ahead and leave.  Desert us and get a 15 minute debuff.. lol.  The numbers may be right, but don’t let numbers cloud your vision.  Feedback, please!

Cue the "The More You Know" music, please.

This has been a message from the Exxy Network.

Happy Raiding!


Hehateme Mana Issues

Don't be a heifer!

Picture this.  The Pit of Saron tunnel scene.  The task looks daunting as heavy ice crashes hard from the ceiling like an incessant rhythm of death.  boom.. Boom.. BOOM.. BAM.. CRASH!  OMG!  You watch the merry band of five as the tank then turns to his fellow group members and says in a heroic voice, “This is going to be rough, guys.  Only the brave and the alert will survive.  Avoid the runes, stay together, and above all.. Don’t.. stop.. until we.. get.. to.. the middle!” (Channeling a bit of Capt. Kirk there.)

So he takes off, all follow, and then the tank stops the designated spot to take all the mobs on, fighting valiantly to keep all aggro on him.  Then suddenly, the holy priest- at the time casting no heals- says, “Hey, slow up a bit!” as everyone around her dies.  Oh, they are horrible deaths as the tank dies first, leaving the mobs to finish off the rest one.. by.. one.

“I was casting Hymn of Hope.” 

/record scratch


As you watch the scene unfold on the screen, you pull back into reality and see the tank become frustrated in real life.  You hear the tank say, “I hate priest healers.”  Then you start to cry.  Why?  Because it’s your husband saying it as he sits on the couch next to you wondering why in the hell the priest did that.

“Well, every priest healer but you,” he tells you, patting your shoulder.

“OK, OK, fine, Hubby, but before you took off, did you even  make sure she had mana?”

“Yes, she did,” he replies.  Of course, Capt. Kirk wouldn’t be that oblivious right? Hmmmmmmmm

“So, you’re telling me the priest stopped mid-fight to cast Hymn of Hope in the tunnel?”


I find this story odd, and I am not sure I completely believe him; however, the poor priest did apologize when it was over.  So, maybe the priest wasa doofus.

Whatever the case, there are so many other options for getting mana back mid-fight that don’t require you to stop healing.  As you know, I lay no claim to theorycrafting prowess, but here are a few things that will keep you from being “Hated With The Tank.”

  • Meditation A basic need. Only three points on your talent tree. Spec into it.
  • Shadowfiend + Glyph of Shadowfiend=More Mana Quickly: I usually pop mine at about 50% mana
  • Runic Mana Potion: I use this at about 30% mana.  Alchemist could use Endless Mana Potion if they wanted, but other than saving money, I don’t think that’s enough mana.
  • Inner Focus: So simple.  One click and you get a free cast!
  • Hymn of Hope:  Hmmm, yes, last resort.   You could also glyphfor it.  I love this spell, but I hardly ever use it in five mans.  I mean, all the heals fall on me.  There are instances where the damage is quite minimal, and you might have time to cast this spell; however, this is best used when there are other healers there to pick up the slack.  If you do use this frequently and seem to have mana issues, you may want to look at gear, gemming and enchants- which you should be doing anyway, right?

There are ways to help your mana issues overall.  You could either get a larger mana pool or get better regen.  I like to have a balance.  I love spirit and intellect.  You should make them your friends.   Also, if your haste is too high for your current gear and gemming you may find yourself going “oom” all the time.

As for figuring out how to make your mana last for s ever, check out Zusterke’s Corner.  Poke around a bit.  It’s good stuff.

Also, looks like someone started a forum about this over at PlusHeal I wonder if it was the priest in question? o.O

Happy Raiding!


LFM Late Night Raiders

If you know someone who knows someone who needs a guild, please consider this.  WKN, my guild, is recruiting.  We’re not like some hardcore guild but we ain’t all that casual.  We like to get things done while having fun and what-not.  Like every group, we have our ups and downs, but a hard-earned victoy is always celebrated with phat lewtz and beer for all.. well maybe not beer but a lot of us do have the Brewmaster title.  Our raid times may seem unusual depending on where you live- 9PM-1AM server.  The current focus is ICC 25 with a chance for ICC 10-mans on off-nights.  You can tell by my posts that we work really hard at what we do. 🙂

If you are intersted, you can find out more information about what we are looking for, how to apply, and a link to our website on the LFM page.

Melee Classes: Death Knight, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior
Healing: Discipline Priest, Druid
Ranged: Shaman

Happy Raiding!


Unstuck.. for now.

We finally got Rotface down again last night, and I enjoyed reading X and Doug’s comments on yesterday’s “We Stuck” post.  Love it!

It would be nice though if you could use an in-game unstuck button on the bosses.  That button would simultaneously make every raider perform at the top of their game while also clearing vent as soon as someone opens their mouth to say something dumb. LOL  It would be a precog type button.

Anyhoo- we got him down- again after many, many, many wipes.  So, yay us!  The kill came after a “keep it up, people,” but there wasn’t any, “this is a kill” crap going on.  So.. um.. maybe they got it?  Whatever the case, WKN got skillz to make the killz.  Yeah, uh-huh, cheesy.. I know!

Podcast Update

I am still trying to figure out if we did schedule a vent convo for the OMG.. Priest! readers just how I would record it.  My podcast program is not interacting with vent… so…… if you are technically inclined give me some hints.

Working on deadline now… hopefully back a little later. 

Happy Raiding!