BiS Boots?

Well, I did it. I pulled the trigger on the Sandals of Consecration.  You may recall that pre-Patch 3.3 I was trying to make as much gold as possible so I could purchase Primordial Saronite as needed.  Well I got up to just 26k (can you believe some people have 300k in their bank!?!), and then I decided my DK needed work.  That took me down to about 21k.  But last night, I went down to just over 10k b/c I ended up buying four Primordial Saronite to make the boots.  My guild gave me one.  Making those boots was bittersweet for me.  I was in sort of a bad mood, but I do have them now.  It is what I worked for after all.  Plus my DK is still hard at work working on the saronite for the next pattern,  Lightweave Leggings.  Anyhoo, I will try my boots out tonight in ICC 10.  Wish me luck!

Off to start my day… Happy Raiding!


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  1. lol… I know the feeling. But look at it like this: Gold is ment to be spent and there’s nothing better then burning it on BiS items.

    Prices must be inflated on your server. The saronites are going for about 2.2k on mine.


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