OMG.. Priest! The Podcast

Listen to me!

Hello, everyone.  I am hoping to do a podcast once a week on various topics.  I will most likely highlight some of the keywords you guys are using to get to the site and of course news from Blizzard and whatnot.  You can send me your ideas or leave a comment at the end  of this post. I love to write and love to talk.  It’s what I do for a living so…. here we are!  This first podcast will give you a very brief history as to how I came to play WoW. 

Happy Raiding!


One response to this post.

  1. Hi,

    Maybe transition from how you first started playing wow into why you chose to play a priest.

    Perhaps comment on your ICC raiding thus far and what you expect/hope to see in the future from blizzard.

    Personally I think WoW is becoming more and more like Diablo (which isn’t a bad thing). If you read what they plan on doing to stats and talents – combined with the new cinematic and gameplay approach with the last patch – it becomes easy to make the connection. These days I feel like I’m slowly being introduced to Diablo 3. 🙂


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