More Pug-Foolery

So by the luck of the LFG draw, I got this tank for Old Kingdom. 

Check out this tank's health

OK is… “ok”.. okay?  It’s not that difficult of an instance- IF you’ve run it time and time again before.  But the first thing the tank says to me as we are getting ready for first pull is…

I never tanked this before

Granted, I do sound rather rude and elitist.  I’m not really that way.  We had just gotten off the road from visiting every relative and in-law known to man for the holidays, and I just wanted my badges.  So, yes, I was wrong.  I am willing to admit that; however, the guy knew none of the pulls.  Within the first ten minutes of the instance, I died three times.  Hubby was trying to help him through the pulls (he was playing his mage), but the guy seemed to want to pull two groups at a time or not wait on me to get more mana after each marathon heal.  Did I mention he was squishy?  Or could you tell from his crushable health numbers?
What I have learned is that I am going to have be more patient with some of the bad pugs.  I think everyone in the guild has gotten “Looking for Many” achievement.  I was at 49 of 50 tonight- and still left two pugs before I got it.  I guess you could say I am more patient with the “deserter” debuff than I am with failing pugs.  But I MUST learn patience.
On my DK, we ended up in Halls of Reflection with a priest with just 20k mana.  He was singing a Hymn of Hope in Phase 3!  I died BTW.  As you know, HoR is nuttin’ nice.  You can’t play around in there.  In fact, I really only trust my DK to go in there with uber-geared guildies b/c quite frankly they will pick up her slack.  And when it comes to under-geared toons, I really prefer to run with guild alts if that is the case.  Again, I must learn patience!
So, pug-foolery is on me tonight.  Exanna the Patient needs to live up to her new name.
Happy Raiding!

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