Kicking Pugs and Taking Names

Did you know you have to wait 15 minutes to kick a bad puggle out of the group?  Sometimes, 15 minutes is just too long to wait!  Case in point… Hubby was in a random heroic daily with a mage who put herself on follow.  She never cast a spell just sort of tagged along.  Group members continued to berate her and ask her to leave.  At one point, they even MD’d the mobs to her.  She died… and had the nerve to run back.. and do nothing again.  The group had to wait the minimum 15 minutes to kick the leech from the group.

And tonight, my group had a rogue who did very little to help us out.  The group leader asked the rogue to contribute or leave.  He did start fighting, but his contribution was just 5% of total damage done.  After 15 mintues, we took a vote and watched the stealth-ed out rogue disappear from our midst. What a loser.

I am glad Blizz has the /kick vote option, and I guess it’s for good reason that you must wait 15 minutes to give the person a fair shot.  What is unfair are people who tag-along for badges without doing much work at all.  It’s enough to make me want to create a toon on their realm just to whisper nasty things to them and bad mouth them in trade.  However, I am not the crazy. 🙂

Any of you had similar experiences in a pug?  I wanna hear from you!

Happy Holidays!

I will be more or less out of pocket over the next few days.  Traveling… seeing family.. trying to hide my Warcraft addiciton.. failing.

I guess I will have to write about balancing family holidays and WoW….

Until next time, Happy Raiding!


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