Primordial Saronite + 2 Hilts

My alt, DanityKane the Death Knight, is serving her life purpose well.  Today, she bought Exanna’s first piece of Primordial Saronite.  Exanna in turn used it to purchase Pattern: Sandals of Consecration from The Ashen Verdict.  Now all I have to do is get all the Primordial Saronite together.  I am certain DanityKane will be more than willing to help out.  Can’t wait to get my new boots!!!  Legswill be next…  Both are BiS for holy priests although I am working on the four-set bonus with emblems so Danity will have to be hard at work to help Exxy out.

In Other News…

Papa's Gotta Brand New Hilt... two times!

Papa's gotta brand new hilt.. two times.. on the good foot! Heeeeey!

Hubby and I ran our mains and alts through the new ICC 5-mans yesterday.  Believe it or not, we saw The Battered Hilt drop twice in one day!  Two different runs but basically in the same area.  It was right outside the Bronjahm the Godfather of Souls encounter in the Forge of Souls.  Just kill all the trash you see!  It is possible to see it drop again and again.  We were all pretty impressed.  I think one guildie sold his.  The other completed the quest and got Quel’Delar, Lens of the Mind.  Both are very happy with their luck!

This is a short post as I am at work and about to head out on a story!  Until next time…

Happy Raiding!


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