How we killed Saurfang the Saur-puss

*****UPDATE: Discipline Priest Bubble Works Wonders!*****

We were finally able to down Saurfang Deathbringer.  You may recall a few days ago I told you about all the “shenanigans” we pulled in previous failed attempts.

We did have tank healers for the tanks and also “tank” healers for the targets of the Mark of the Fallen Champion. Each raid healer was assigned to focus on each Mark; however, we decided before the raid that we would let the target of Mark #1 die as long as it was not a healer.

Luckily for us, it landed on a rogue.  Greven the rogue told me he used Vanish right as Saurfang was casting the Mark.  The Mark never landed on him so that saved the healers a lot of pain and suffering.  We did, however, let the target of Mark #2 die.  Again, less pain, less suffering.

There was better management of the Boiling Blood debuff tonight.  As a priest, I used PoM, Renew, PW:S, Guardian Spirit every one minute (glyph for that CD) and CoH on those toons.  When my Mark fell on someone, I just healed them like crazy, making sure to keep an eye on the raid. It’s basically tank healing from that point on because the Mark persists.  Make sure you keep HoTs on that person!  It’s a terrible tick, and if you time just one heal wrong, you will get behind.  And if you miss that heal altogether, you could wipe the raid.

Keep Fade handy as the Blood Beasts will come after you!  It is imperative that the damage dealers take care of those beasts.  They are nasty, and they eat people.  They especially like the squishies- so fade and keep healing.

We did have a plan to DI people as the marks got to be too much, but the marks never overwhelmed us.  We just healed through it while the DPS burned him down.  Confidence by all is key in this fight.  We were ready and eager and we did it in two attempts tonight!  Way to go, WKN!


Happy Raiding!


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  1. Well done on downing Saurfang!
    .-= David´s last blog ..Quel’delar Quest Chain =-.


  2. […] ranged, it’s hard to keep the recommended- and necessary 12 yard distance.  Or maybe the previous “strategy” we used to down him was more luck than anything.  I don’t know, but our resident discipline […]


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