Healing Deathbringer Saurfang.. Literally

*****UPDATE: Discipline Priest Bubble Works Wonders!*****

No kill to report.. YET.. but I thought I would take the time to open up a dialogue with you about it.  Help Me!

The strats for this fight seem complicated, but once you get in there and start healing, it seems easy… UNTIL Saur-puss starts throwing out Marks of the Fallen Champion.

From WoWWiki:

  Mark of the Fallen Champion— Causes Deathbringer Saurfang’s melee attacks to splash to this target, inflicting 5,700 to 6,300 additional Physical damage. If the target dies while under this effect Saurfang is healed for 5% of his total health.

This debuff just sits there.  You can’t bubble out of it or dispel it.  You just have to heal through it because if that person dies, as you can see by the tooltip, Saurfang gets 5% of his health back for each death.  The first two or three marks were not so bad.  Then, came the fourth, fifth, sixth… I could just blame the DPS for not burning them down fast enough or the tank for putting down a consecrate during the Blood Beasts.  But I won’t. There has to be a way to manage these Marks!  And we’re going to figure it out.

Tonight, we tried three scenarios.

Scenario #1

This scenario was just the “Heal Through It” idea which I believe we will have to come back to.  Trying to manage numerous marks on numerous people is difficult.  After Mark #3, the new Marks just get faster and faster, and as the targeted drop like flies, Saurfang gets more and more health.  

"Tank Healing" the Mark of the Fallen Champion

"Tank Healing" the Mark of the Fallen Champion

I suggested to the officers that we assign our four raid healers to the first four Marks so they could essentially “tank heal” them while also keeping an eye on the raid.  Except for Boiling Blood, there isn’t too much damage happening to the raid.  So you can afford to do that here.  BTW, with boiling blood, you can throw a PW:S on the toon to mitigate some of the damage.


Scenario #2

This scenario is where we get into the “Shenanigans.” It involved us DI’ing the first two toons to get the Mark.  Those two would leave the DI up for the full three minute duration of the spell while the pallies who popped it would either use a Soulstone or get a B-rez.  This is good because it prevents the toon from dying and healing the boss.  The problem with this is if you do it too early, then the DI will drop off before the fight is done, instantly healing the boss for 5% each time.  Not a good idea.

Scenario #3

More shenanigans here.  This time we allowed the first one or two toons to get the mark to die– IF and only IF they were not a healer.  The reason for this is because the time between Marks is longer in the beginning, giving the DPS time to burn that 5% back down before Mark #3 hits.

The Fail Boat

The problem is- none of these really worked for us tonight. Although at one point, his health was below 10%.  A few of us talked about it later and decided that maybe this would be a better way to do it.

The Possible Solution?

This would be a combination of the three scenarios.  Yes, we will have to heal through most of the damage; however, if you sacrifice the first two non-essential raid members to get the Mark, you can save the DI’s (which are three minutes long) for the last 25% of Saurfang’s health.  This would make the Marks more manageable for the healers.  Each healer will “tank heal” one Marked toon while paying attention to the raid.  That way they will not die- theoretically.  It’s a nasty tick of incessant damage.

Of course, eventually we will have to just learn to heal through it.  No shenanigans.  No cheap tricks.  Just do it.  Maybe we will get him Sunday night!

Raid Healing Saurfang

The one thing that I know for sure works is just basic healing.  I was assigned to the raid tonight.  For each person that gets Boiling Blood, you can renew them and pop a shield on them.  As for the Mark itself, I treat the toon as I would any tank.  PoM, CoH, Renew, FH, GH, PoH.. you name it?  I use it.  Unfortunately, at some point too many Marks being up gets to be overwhelming.  Just pray your DPS can burn this guy down.

Any suggestions out there?  Would love to read them!

Happy Raiding!


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