Elitist LFG & Merrymaker!

I was both disheartened and pleased to see that my DK was not allowed into one of the new ICC 5-mans due to the fact that she is under-geared.  It hurt my feelings for my alt, but for my main, I think this is awesome!  Blizz really thought this through.  The priest I work so hard on doesn’t have to be thrown into a fail group gear-wise.  And trust me.. my DK is fail; however, one of our premier DK’s Seomon showed me how to make her work.  He took my DPS from a sad 200 to close to 2000.  Yep, I was clearly “DK-Dumb.”  He told me, “Ah, I see what the difficulty is.  Your gear is poop.” LOL We’re working on that, Seo. 😉

Ho, Ho, Ho

OMW to wish Brother Anton some Winter Veil Cheer!

OMW to wish Brother Anton some Winter Veil Cheer!

I am working hard on my priest to get her the Merrymaker! title during the Feast of Winter Veil this year.  I’ve decided to go for the drake.  Thanks to my amazing ability to hoard everything, I still had my Winter Clothes left over from last year.  It’s been fun going to all the places I haven’t been to in what seems like years.  I have kissed a lot of NPC’s today for mistletoe and whatnot.. and my toon looks really hot in her Winter Hot Pants!

I haven’t received any snowflakes yet- which is upsetting.  I need my snowflakes, Blizz!

Thank goodness I have today through Sunday off.  Besides cooking deserts for a contest IRL, all I really have to do is runaround working on this title on Exxy and of course doing my dailies on both toons.

Never Would Have Thunk It…

I never would have thought that I would be someone with more than one active toon.  So my busy-ness factor basically doubled in the last two days!  I am sort of worn out and wonder how long I can keep up the pace.

At any rate, I am doing what I can to make sure Exxy has the best!  And that means, I must get back to   now!  Brother Anton needs some Winter Veil Cheer!

Happy Raiding!



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